#WalkAway Founder: Big Tech Thinks Infowars More Dangerous than Hitler

The man behind the Walk Away movement says he won’t back down after Facebook recently banned him for daring to mention “Infowars.”

“I literally wrote the post: ‘Hey patriots, I’ll be live on Infowars in 15 minutes. Be sure to tune in,’ and I got a 30-day ban from Facebook for writing that,” Walk Away founder Brandon Straka told Alex Jones Thursday.

The former Democrat, who left the party after seeing how it sowed discord and division, discussed his experience with the big tech conservative censorship purge currently in full swing.

“Who are these people to decide for everybody else what other people can and cannot hear what they can and cannot see and what they’re allowed to know or not know?” questioned Straka.

“It’s so fascinating to me that the name Alex Jones and Infowars is so dangerous and threatening that anybody needs to be banned if they even say that name, yet people on the left 10,000 a day use the word ‘Hitler’ when speaking about our president – that’s not a problem for them. So.. the word Infowars or Alex Jones is obviously more dangerous in their mind than ‘Hitler.’”

Walk Away’s Facebook ban comes after numerous tech companies banded together last month to launch a coordinated purge of Infowars from social media sites.

Straka is still planning the Walk Away March in DC on October 26-28, where he and a group of former Democrats will walk from the Democratic National Committee headquarters to the Capitol building, literally walking away from the Democrat party.

“I envisioned this massive event where we have tens of thousands of African Americans, tens of thousands of Hispanics and LGBT people, as well as every other type of person, walking away from the Democratic party, so that everybody including these minority groups can see something’s going on, you need to be walking away and paying attention…,” Straka said.

While Facebook’s ban has taken a toll on Straka, he says his team is looking into various workarounds, as contributions continue to pour in.

Meanwhile, supporters can still donate to the march at Walkawaymarch.com.

“I’m not gonna quit and I’m not gonna give up I’m gonna keep marching on and I’m gonna fight back,” declared Straka.

Following his appearance on Infowars Thursday, Straka claimed Facebook reinstated his account without notifying him, then contacted a reporter who proceeded to write a hit piece against him and conservative icons Diamond & Silk.

“The left is out of control,” Straka concluded.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adan.salazar.735

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