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Every God fearing, America loving patriot should use THIS letter as a model to write your own. Let’s all inundate the nation, our respective “representatives”, with letters just like the one below. May we unite over the true love we ALL have for this country and what it stands for, the United States of America!


Source: AN OPEN LETTER TO THE SUPREME COURT | Intercessors for America


June 12, 2021 | Zoraida Noratto-White, IFA Intercessor
We pray for justices to be courageous to mend their ways by doing what is good and right: to rule justly, to protect the innocent and punish the wicked, and to walk humbly before the God who called them to this purpose for such a time as this in the history of the world.

We are publishing this letter that an IFA intercessor sent this week to the Supreme Court. Sensing the prompting of the Holy Spirit, she wrote her story, hoping and praying that it will impact these nine men and women who have such an impact on our lives. We believe you will be blessed by reading it.

Dear Justices,

My name is Zoraida. I am a naturalized citizen of the United States, born and raised in Colombia. I write to you the justices with all due respect and in a spirit of meekness, in order to express my thoughts regarding some of the Court’s decisions and to make a request. I thank you in advance for your consideration to this letter.

Since I was a little girl I began to dream of coming to America. It was movies I watched, news I heard, stories of people who had traveled to this land. There was something about this country that inspired in me a burning desire for seeing her; it was an inexplicable hope that this nation offered freedom and justice to all its citizens. Such things, I sensed, were not the standard of the world at large. My sense was that this nation would allow me the opportunity to prosper and to realize my dreams; a country where I could aspire to more than just basic survival. There was something about America that made me feel excited for my future. Although I was growing up in a Democracy, the sense I had was that the Democracy of the United States was unique, at a higher level, where all her citizens could trust that they would be protected, respected and treated fairly and equally under the law. My admiration for this country eventually turned into deep love.

After many years of hoping, praying and waiting for a miracle, I was granted a visa to visit the United States. At long last my dream of coming to America was to be realized! I remember walking out of that Embassy crying tears of joy, sobbing with thankfulness to God Almighty for the miracle and with gratitude to the country that welcomed me. In the course of time, I visited again; later I was granted permission to stay and worked my way up to eventually becoming a US Citizen through a legal process that lasted about 14 years from beginning to end. My resolve was always that if I was granted that privilege, I would do nothing less than my best to be a productive member of society, someone who would contribute to the betterment of this nation. My heart burst with happiness and my eyes were flooded with tears on that wonderful day in August 2009 as I held my Certificate of Citizenship after being sworn in. I felt immensely proud, honored and humbled at such an amazing privilege.

Among the marvelous thoughts that went through my mind about being a US Citizen stood the notion that under the US Constitution I was granted certain rights and privileges, as well as responsibilities. One of the most wonderful rights was that of being able to vote in federal and local elections. I was thrilled at the notion that my vote would mean something, that it would be respected and counted with all the other votes… “because in this country the Constitution would always be upheld”, I thought. A beautiful constitution under which I was fortunate, unlike multitudes of people in the world who do not have the right to vote or whose rights are violated by evil oppressive regimes. That same beautiful constitution affords me today even the right to address this letter to the Supreme Court.

On November 4th 2020, I awakened to disturbing news and images of illicit activity that had taken place the previous day and night during the Presidential election, in a sinister reversal of the results that were clearly displayed on television screens throughout the evening. I felt dismayed at what my eyes were seeing: many instances of illegal moves (observers of one party being denied access to observing the process while observers of the other party were offered Carte Blanche; officials changing election rules in unconstitutional manner just days before the election, clerks hiding ballots under tables and pulling them to tabulate after observers had been told to leave, machines and software being manipulated from within and outside the USA, dead people voting, etc. Law breaking, Lies, deception, fraud; in one word clear and brazen instances of Corruption. That was one of the saddest days in my life. The thought that my Vote might have been invalidated or even worse, stolen from me, brought grief to my heart and a terrible realization that our beautiful constitution had been tainted by corruption; I wept much that day! In a self-sobering motion of my mind however, I thought “Surely the Supreme Court will not allow this corruption to prevail; surely they will right this wrong; surely they will order the auditing of the election processes and systems and uphold the Constitution”.

The dismay I felt on November 4th was greatly compounded when in subsequent months the Supreme Court refused to listen to arguments regarding various election fraud cases, which were presented by several states on behalf of many millions of Americans. As I have thought for weeks and months as to the possible reasons why the Supreme Court would not even listen to the arguments and examine the evidence, my mind has boggled. It is my strong conviction that any reasonable person who is presented with the preponderance of evidence such as was available to contend for those cases, would be alarmed, or at least intrigued, by the facts and would seek to examine the evidence. I felt extremely disappointed, to say the least, over the Court’s terrible decision. The confidence that I once felt in the Democracy of the United States began to be eroded by the Court’s decision, which meant to me that the Court denied justice to some 75 millions of American citizens, in essence siding with the perpetrators of corruption. Since that day a mourning ensued; it felt as though something precious had died. The US Constitution had been trampled underfoot.

With all due respect I ask the justices these questions: Is the Constitution dead in America?

Do you realize how damaging the consequences of your refusal to listen to these cases are?

Why would the Supreme Court not do what was simply right and reasonable to do in this type of case? As I have considered the facts surrounding this situation a few possible scenarios have surfaced as possibilities in my mind:

Could it be Apathy? that the justices do not really care to protect the Constitution; that it is not important to them? Incompetence? That they do not really understand the constitution? Or perhaps Fear? Could it be that the justices are afraid? Afraid of facts? Of finding out the truth? Of the mob perhaps? that mob which for months has been rampant in the nation committing crime and violence and leaving destruction in their path? or afraid of someone, or of something else?

An even yet worse possibility has arisen: could it be that the High Court be complicit with the corruption? I wonder! This possible scenario hurts me too much to contemplate for long, although I do not think it totally out of the realm of possibilities. Given the posture of some of the justices in the Court it seems to me that they are more preoccupied with advancing a certain political agenda and making laws according to that agenda, rather than with interpreting the Constitution.

Well, I wonder which one of those scenarios might be the answer to my question! Dereliction of Duty? Incompetence? Cowardice? Complicity? How I would welcome the opportunity to ask the Justices this question in person, but I suppose a letter is the best next thing I can aspire to. As I understand it, every one of the justices, while being sworn in, swears under oath to protect the constitution; I even remember some time not too long ago hearing one of the justices proclaim:

“I love the Constitution”. Why are the justices not protecting the Constitution they swore to uphold?

I wonder if the justices realize that since the illicit events of November 3rd surrounding the Election, followed by the Court’s refusal to listen to the Election fraud cases on behalf of many millions of American citizens, there is an air of lawlessness in America. Do the justices realize that the entire world looks at America for an example, for hope, for help, for guidance, for justice, for leadership? It grieves me to imagine how hopeless the dear people of many nations, such as Venezuela or China, for example, must feel at realizing that if the United States of America, the beacon of hope to the world, allows corruption to prevail and to go unchallenged, what hope is there for them in this world! You, the justices have the power to moderate the tensions and division in our country; to bring some sense of sanity; and to help to bring unity and healing to our nation… and with it hope to the world once again. I urge the justices, I beseech you, your honors, please do the job you were appointed to do: To interpret and uphold the constitution. Please protect the rights of all Lawful Citizens of this country. Please do justice!

I do not believe this to be true of all the justices in the High Court, but perhaps some of you may be of the persuasion that you will not be accountable to any higher authority (for after all, you are the highest authority in the land). I respectfully submit this thought to you; a notion that may appear foolish, antiquated or outlandish to the “sophisticated” minds in the culture, possibly to some members of this Court. However, I urge you, your honors, to consider this: Whatever your faith background, or lack thereof, one day each one of you will stand before the Supreme Judge of the universe, the ultimate Justice, to give an account of your own lives and for what you have done with the great and awesome responsibility you were entrusted with, on behalf of America and the world. God, the Supreme Judge, will not be mocked! May your legacy from now on be one of corrective course, may you choose to judge in righteousness and with integrity, in accordance with the calling for which you were appointed by your Creator.

I would like you to know, your honors, that I am praying for you; for every one of you by name. And I will continue to pray that each one of you would be convicted of your own sins and would repent of every way in which you may have contributed to the demise of America and of present and future generations. I pray that you will know the Fear of God, for the salvation of your souls. I pray for courage for you; courage to do what is right for the nation and for all her citizens, not favoring wrong-doers because of pressures or alienating the right-doers because of wicked agendas. I pray that each one of you will be courageous to mend your ways by doing what is good and right: to rule justly, to protect the innocent and punish the wicked, and to walk humbly before the God who called you to this purpose for such a time as this in the history of the world.

Thank you very much for your attention! May God bless you all, the justices; and May God bless the United States of America!


Zoraida Noratto-White
Will you pray that the justices give thought to these words? Let’s pray for the justices by name: John Roberts, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett. Share your thoughts below as you pray.

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