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Newsoms Civic Lessons continue: “He also tried to distance himself from my removal as Education Vice Chair after seeing the backlash.” Kevin Kiley CA State Legislator

Gavin Newsom ended 2021 with a flourish – by wildly attacking me. In an article headlined “Newsom vs. Kiley,” The Sacramento Bee reports:

Gov. Gavin Newsom took a rare jab at one of his loudest critics last week, when his office put out a statement suggesting that Rocklin Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley might need “a basic refresher course on how the legislature and a separate branch of government works.

Yes, Newsom – who has literally proclaimed himself an autocrat and ruled the state by decree for two years – actually tried to lecture me about the separation of powers. He also tried to distance himself from my removal as Education Vice Chair after seeing the backlash.

In any case, today that “separate branch of government” reconvenes for the 2022 Legislative Session. To start off, given that the rationale for vaccine passports has entirely collapsed, I’m renewing my legislation to ban them throughout California.

But the arrival of legislators wasn’t the most significant event at the Capitol today. The true civics lesson was provided to Newsom by thousands of parents from across the state who gathered to protest his outrageous student mandate. You can see my remarks at the rally here.

We begin 2022 with not only the nation’s only student vaccine mandate, but also a statewide mask mandate, a school mask mandate (with some insisting on N95s), “stricter” quarantine rules than the CDC, and even talk of another school shutdown.

Yet we also begin the year with a movement that is stronger than ever, that is growing by the day, and that is poised to take on the corrupt and radical leadership in both Sacramento and Washington, DC.

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New big data study of 145 countries show COVID vaccines makes things worse (cases and deaths)

I missed this study. So did the mainstream media for some reason. But this study is yet another independent analysis that is difficult to refute: we have been misled by the CDC, FDA, and NIH.

Steve Kirsch

Jan 8

The next time you see you county health officer, President Biden, or Boris Johnson why not ask them if they can find a mistake in this study by Kyle A. Beattie entitled Worldwide Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19: A BigData Analysis of 145 Countries (the PDF version is here).

The study found that the COVID vaccines cause more COVID cases per million (+38% in US) and more deaths per million associated with COVID (+31% in US).

The abstract says:

The statistically significant and overwhelmingly positive causal impact after vaccine deployment on the dependent variables total deaths and total cases per million should be highly worrisome for policy makers. They indicate a marked increase in both COVID-19 related cases and death due directly to a vaccine deployment that was originally sold to the public as the “key to gain back our freedoms.” The effect of vaccines on total cases per million and its low positive association with total vaccinations per hundred signifies a limited impact of vaccines on lowering COVID-19 associated cases.

These results should encourage local policy makers to make policy decisions based on data, not narrative, and based on local conditions, not global or national mandates. These results should also encourage policy makers to begin looking for other avenues out of the pandemic aside from mass vaccination campaigns.

In other words, we were lied to

The vaccines are making this worse, not better. This is why we are not getting ourselves out of the hole. Mandating vaccines are making this

This is hardly the first study to reach those conclusions. These studies, all done independently, found the same thing—the more you vaccinate, the worse things get.

  1. The Lyons-Weiler paper

  2. The Harvard study

  3. The German study

  4. The Denmark study (which shows Dr. James was right; you have to boost every 30 days to maintain protection.

  5. German government data (this is from The Expose)

  6. 80% of the COVID deaths in the UK are vaccinated

  7. Lancet: 89% Of New UK COVID Cases Among Fully Vaxxed

The response to this new study by the health authorities is predictable

I think I’ve figured out the pattern and can now confidently predict how health authorities worldwide will react to this stunning result: they will ignore it. Instead, they will mandate vaccines for everyone of every age ASAP. Am I right?

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I write about COVID vaccine safety and efficacy, corruption, censorship, mandates, masking, and early treatments. America is being misled by formerly trusted authorities.

“Winter of Death”

The White House has taken their hostility towards the un-vaccinated straight to their official, TAXPAYER FUNDED website!

Joe Biden’s White House released an unacceptable public health response to the new Omicron variant…calling for a “Winter of Death” for those who have not received the vaccine.

Enough is enough. The fear mongering must STOP. Americans are sick and tired of:

  • The TYRANNICAL White House calling on a “Winter of Death” for Americans who don’t comply…
  • Unelected, big-government bureaucrat Dr. Fauci suggesting we extend the vaccine mandates into OUR HOMES
  • Big Tech CANCELLING users for sharing information about the vaccine they see as “fake” or doesn’t align with their political agenda…

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The Border Crisis in Del Rio Was Caused by Biden, Now There’s a Second Attack on DHS Agents

By Nick Arama | Sep 21, 2021 11:45 PM ET

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

We reported earlier how Haitians who were on board a bus from Del Rio to Brownsville attacked the DHS staff who were guarding them and hijacked the bus. Some of the staff were injured and some of the illegal aliens temporarily escaped but were then rounded back up by local law enforcement.

But this is just one of the many problems that Biden’s border disaster has fostered.

First let’s start with the fact that again, the almost 15,000 Haitians living under a bridge at the border in squalor was a crisis of Biden’s own making.

From NY Post:

These are not people escaping an earthquake or political unrest or extreme poverty in Haiti, according to one of the most informed border observers, Todd Bensman, senior national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies and author of “America’s Covert Border War.”

All the Haitians he has interviewed have been living in Chile or Brazil for the past three to five years.

“I’ve never met one yet who is actually coming directly from Haiti,” he said. “But they will probably apply for asylum on the basis of [problems] in Haiti.”

Bensman has covered the border crisis for more than a year, traveling through Guatemala and Mexico to interview migrants.

The Haitians now in Del Rio were “living a pretty good life [in South America] but they are seeing an opportunity to improve their situation,” he says.

“They say they heard Joe Biden was opening the border up so they came.”

Most of the folks aren’t being deported, according to reports, but rather, secretly bused to other places all over the country to then be released. The reports were that single men were being deported, while family unit were getting to stay.

Of the 3,300 processed over the weekend from under the bridge, just 327 were sent out on flights to Haiti. So only about ten percent. So where did the other folks go? To centers to be processed elsewhere, to be released into the U.S.

But there were problems caused today on one of the flights back to Haiti.

DHS confirmed to Fox’s Bill Melugin that Haitian migrants who were on a deportation flight back to Haiti caused “two separate disruptions” on the tarmac in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, injuring three ICE officers who sustained non-life threatening injuries. Haitian crowd control police were involved in responding.

They don’t want to go back to Haiti because they haven’t been there in years and would be at a complete loss.

Although most are being released into this country, this threat of being possibly deported back to Haiti is now actually having a positive effect and causing some to decide to go back to South America rather than risk being deported to Haiti.

So Biden accidentally tripped across one of the things that made the Trump policies so effective — deterrence. That said, there are still a tremendous number of people just being released into the United States.

Source Here:

EXC: Joe Biden’s State Dept Halted a Trump-Era ‘Crisis Response’ Plan Aimed at Avoiding Benghazi-Style Evacuations Just MONTHS Before Taliban Takeover.

August 18, 2021

Joe Biden’s State Department moved to cancel a critical State Department program aimed at providing swift and safe evacuations of Americans out of crisis zones just months prior to the fall of Kabul, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal.

The “Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau” – which was designed to handle medical, diplomatic, and logistical support concerning Americans overseas was paused by Antony Blinken’s State Department earlier this year. Notification was officially signed just months before the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

“SENSITIVE BUT UNCLASSIFIED,” an official State Department document from the Biden State Department begins, before outlining the following move the quash the Trump-era funding for the new bureau.

The document is from the desk of Deputy Secretary of State Brian P. McKeon, confirmed in March by the United States Senate.

Evidence of the pause in the program by Biden’s State Department.

The document is dated June 11, 2021, though The National Pulse understands the decision to pause the program may have come as early as February, both undermining the original Trump-era date for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and certainly giving the Taliban time to threaten American assets and lives on the run up to Joe Biden’s September 11th date of withdrawal.

The subject line reads: “(SBU) Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau,” and the body of the document recommends:

“That you direct the discontinuation of the establishment, and termination of, the Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau (CCR), and direct a further review of certain associated Department requirements and capabilities.”

It goes on:

“That you direct the discontinuation of the establishment, and termination of, CCR, consistent with the applicable legal requirements, necessary stakeholder engagement, and any applicable changes to the Foreign Affairs Manual and other requirements.”

The document reveals the recommendations were approved on June 11th 2021.

Speaking exclusively to The National Pulse, former President Donald J. Trump blasted Biden’s irresponsible move:

“My Administration prioritized keeping Americans safe, Biden leaves them behind. Canceling this successful Trump Administration program before the withdrawal that would have helped tens of thousands Americans reach home is beyond disgraceful. Our withdrawal was conditions-based and perfect, it would have been flawlessly executed and nobody would have even known we left. The Biden execution and withdrawal is perhaps the greatest embarrassment to our Country in History, both as a military and humanitarian operation.”

MUST READ: Republicans Can Deliver a Knockout to Wobbly Biden – Will They?

In a lengthy article in Vanity Fair from May 2021, the Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau (CCR) – also referred to in overlap with a predecessor/partner bureau called “OpMed” is described as a “little-known team of medics and miracle workers—hidden deep within the U.S. Department of State.”

“Even before COVID reared its head, OpMed was finding ways to do all sorts of things, serving as the hidden hand behind daring and often dangerous operations to rescue Americans from peril abroad,” the article states, before going on to quote Secretary of State Tony Blinken on the importance of the program’s goals.

“The Bureau of Medical Services’ Directorate of Operation—or ‘OpMed,’ as we call it—is a lifeline for the Department of State and the American people… Though perhaps lesser known outside of the Department, it’s vital to our operations. That’s because OpMed provides the platform and personnel to save American lives around the world, especially in times of crisis. During the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, OpMed was integral to our evacuation and repatriation of 100,000 Americans to the United States as countries began locking down their borders.”

But The National Pulse understands that career officials inside the State Department objected to the Trump-era aim of creating a Contingency and Crisis Response bureau with the express purpose of avoiding a future Benghazi-style situation for Americans overseas.

Instead, Biden’s team revoked the funding and the approval for the plan, even as the COVID-19 crisis reasserted itself, and and Afghanistan withdrawal loomed.

Vanity Fair reported in May:

“OpMed emerged from the ashes of Benghazi, where, on September 11, 2012, militants attacked the U.S. consulate, killing America’s ambassador to Libya, an information management officer, and two CIA contractors. The day’s events rocked the national security establishment and prompted years of recrimination, congressional hearings, and blue-ribbon commissions. When the dust more or less settled, several findings emerged: First, Pentagon officials had long warned their counterparts at the State Department about the “tyranny of distance” in Libya and other parts of North Africa. Second, CIA medics on the scene in Benghazi played an indispensable role in saving the lives of gravely wounded diplomatic security personnel. Finally, an interagency panel of experts concluded that, in light of the “grossly inadequate” response time to evacuate the injured from Benghazi, “State must ensure it has the capability to rapidly deploy crisis responders and evacuate […] personnel in harm’s way.”

“Responsibility for internalizing these lessons and bolstering the department’s ability to treat its own fell in no small part to William Walters, who had joined State in December 2011 in what for nine months had largely been a role in search of a mission: managing director of operational medicine. He had served with the Army’s most elite special operations unit and held the euphemistic title of deputy command surgeon for sensitive activities at the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). “They wanted a guy who understood the Pentagon but could also wear cuff links,” he said with a laugh, recalling the clash of cultures. And yet Doc Walters, as he is known in the corridors of Foggy Bottom, quickly emerged as a contrarian (in a department that values consensus) and an egalitarian (in an organization that’s been a bastion of elitism since 1789).”

A 2022 State Department Budget Justification document presented to the U.S. Congress earlier this year notes on page 22: “The Department has paused implementation of Op Med (CCR) pending a policy review.”

MUST READ: EXC: Ex-Cardinal Negotiating Vatican-China Deals Attended Hunter Biden-Led Communist Party Influence Events, Deleted Webpages Reveal.

On August 15th, Biden’s State Department was forced to issue a humiliating statement warning U.S. citizens that the Embassy in Kabul would be unresponsive to their requests for help.

At the time of publication, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said the U.S. military is attempting to move 5,000 to 9,000 people to safety per day, according to the Associated Press.

The news flies in the face of Joe Biden’s claims that his government planned for “every contingency” in the war-torn country.

The National Pulse also understands no Congressional notification was sent to the United States Congress, as is required, upon the pause.

Episode 1,123 – Massive Revolts Against Covid Restrictions

Kassam: Concern And Worry Has Turned To Rage

Source: Kassam: Concern And Worry Has Turned To Rage

Concern and worry has turned to rage, and they discuss the ever nearing debt ceiling. Our guests are: Mike Lindell, Dave Clements, Frank Gaffney Stay ahead of the censors – Join us Ai

Source: Episode 1,123 – Massive Revolts Against Covid Restrictions

President Trump’s CPAC 2021 Speech

Joe Biden Says He’ll Surrender To China On Trade, Scrap Tariffs Without Any Concessions | Donald J. Trump for President

August 05, 2020 Joe Biden Says He’ll Surrender To China On Trade, Scrap Tariffs Without Any Concessions Share: facebook twitter Tags Blogs Asked how he would handle China, Joe Biden’s answer in a clip released today revealed just how badly America’s workers will lose if Beijing Biden wins. “Would you keep the tariffs?” NPR’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro asked Biden. “No,” he replied. “So if you scrap those tariffs, what do you want in return? Or are you just going to scrap them w

Source: Joe Biden Says He’ll Surrender To China On Trade, Scrap Tariffs Without Any Concessions | Donald J. Trump for President

August 05, 2020
Asked how he would handle China, Joe Biden’s answer in a clip released today revealed just how badly America’s workers will lose if Beijing Biden wins.

“Would you keep the tariffs?” NPR’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro asked Biden. “No,” he replied.

“So if you scrap those tariffs, what do you want in return? Or are you just going to scrap them without any concessions?” she followed up.

Biden made it clear that’s exactly what he’d do. His answer was evasive, nonsensical, and incoherent:

“The question is, what is the appropriate behavior that they have to engage in international rela– in international trade with us? And they have to play by the international rules, and what we have done is, we have disarmed ourselves. We make up 25% of the world’s economy, but we poked our finger in the eye of all of our allies out there. The way Trump– the way China will respond is when we gather the rest of the world that in fact [unintelligible] in in fr- in in in in open trade and making sure that we’re in a position that the world uh that that we deal with WHO the right way that in fact that’s when things begin to change. That’s when China, that’s when uh China’s behavior is going to change.”

What does the World Health Organization have to do with tariffs on China?

Make no mistake: Biden will end President Trump’s tough policies against China and stop President Trump’s efforts to hold the Chinese accountable. Biden would return to the failed status quo, allowing China to rip off America as it did for decades on his watch.

While American workers saw their jobs disappear thanks to China, Biden spent decades boosting Beijing in Washington. Biden led the effort to give China “most favored nation” trading status and repeatedly voted to protect China’s preferential status, describing his efforts as an “accomplishment” on his website. Biden promised his vote would not hurt American workers while the U.S. lost millions of good-paying manufacturing and other jobs. For years, Biden defended China, saying “It is in our self-interest that China continue to prosper,” that “China’s not a problem,” and that China is “not bad” and “not competition” for America.

Biden’s bad judgement cost American families and workers. Biden has been proven devastatingly wrong again and again over nearly half a century in Washington. President Trump is working hard to clean up Joe Biden’s mess, hold China accountable and put America first. American workers can’t afford another four years of Joe Biden selling them out to China.

PRO-POLICE rally in Denver VIOLENTLY shut down led by Chief of Police Paul Pazen, Arm In Arm With Communist Terrorist Groups

A peaceful rally in Denver supporting police was attacked and shut down by violent members of Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

The guy in the middle below, is the Chief of Police in Denver, Paul Pazen, who marched hand in hand with the communist terrorist groups, BLM, ANTIFA and other self professed Socialist organizations! They can call it anything they want but it all leads to communism and the subjugation of your life.

Understand this – this is an all out attack on every single God fearing, Patriot loving citizen to ‘take heed’. If you don’t stand and fight this now, when they come to your door, there’ll be no one left to save you! Don’t think for a minute that there won’t be a backlash! You poke the bear, you’re gonna get whacked.

That bear better include YOU! Get in the streets! Fight for God, Fight for America, Fight For Freedom, Fight for the God given right to liberty, prosperity and the right to defend yourself and your family!





I pray for this nation and all of it’s inhabitants to come together in love not in hate. But I will smite those who would try to break my infinite connection & loyalty to God! That is the sole intent of communism! The complete breakdown of civility. To break all connections with you and your maker, as if these bodies we were gifted were eternal but our salvation is non existent.


Sad day in the Land of the Free ~TiLT


Denver police union president says SWAT lieutenant ignored commander’s retreat order during Sunday’s dueling rallies

Nick Rogers called for an apology to police supporters whose rally was interrupted

Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post A Black Lives Matter supporter, left, clashes with a Pro-Police Rally supporter when dueling rallies collided at Civic Center Park on July 19, 2020 in Denver.

By Shelly Bradbury | | The Denver Post

PUBLISHED: July 22, 2020 at 6:24 p.m. | UPDATED: July 22, 2020 at 6:25 p.m.

The president of Denver’s police union on Wednesday called on police leadership to apologize for failing to protect pro-police demonstrators who rallied in Civic Center on Sunday and were overrun by counter-protesters.

“We as police officers, we’re not able to root for one side or the other, like the Broncos and the Raiders,” Nick Rogers, president of the Denver Police Protective Association, told radio talk show host Peter Boyles on KNUS Wednesday morning.  “We don’t get to root for one side or the other. We’re not allowed to let one side win. But guess what? We did on Sunday. And for that, we were wrong. And for that, an apology should be made to… every person who was there.”

Rogers also asserted that police were ordered to withdraw from the amphitheater where the counter-protesters and pro-police demonstrators were clashing — at times violently — but that one Denver SWAT lieutenant refused to leave.

“This lieutenant said, ‘These people are going to get killed if we don’t stay,’” Rogers said on the radio show, which also featured conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, who attended the rally. “So he kept his group there. And that’s the only reason this thing didn’t get worse, because somebody broke ranks. And decided not to retreat. And they stayed so they could provide some assistance.”

Denver police spokesman Doug Schepman declined to comment on Rogers’ statements Wednesday because the “chronology of the incident” is still being reviewed. He said no officers are currently facing discipline in connection with Sunday’s events. Efforts to reach Rogers on Wednesday were unsuccessful.

RELATED:PHOTOS: Rallies supporting and protesting police clash in Denver’s Civic Center

Rogers’ call for an apology comes as conservatives criticize Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen for how the department handled the pro-police rally, suggesting that Pazen failed to adequately protect the crowd because he had previously marched with Black Lives Matter demonstrators.

“As far as Chief Pazen apologizing, no, I think Chief Pazen should resign,” said Randy Corporon, an attorney who organized the pro-police rally. “An apology is not even close to adequate for what was allowed to happen to peace-loving, lawfully assembled supporters of the good men and women in law enforcement.”

Sunday’s dueling rallies devolved into chaos and scattered outbursts of violence when a small rally to support police was flooded by counter-protesters who aimed to shut down the event by banging pots, blowing whistles, shouting and clapping.

A few scuffles broke out between the opposed demonstrators, with two women at one point getting into a fight that was broken up by police, and several others throwing punches. Denver police made one arrest, booking longtime local protester Caryn Sodaro, 55, for assault.

Corporon said members of his group were spit on as they tried to leave and said police at times seemed to be watching the counter-protesters without intervening. A lawsuit against the police department is “extremely likely,” he said.

“They were able to get away with some things that should never be allowed to happen,” Corporon said.

During the conflict, police and Colorado state troopers attempted to form lines to separate the two groups, but were largely unsuccessful. After about an hour, nearly all of the pro-police demonstrators left the amphitheater and then police also retreated.

It was at that point, as the counter-protesters marched and shouted beside retreating Denver police officers, that at least one officer deployed pepper spray on the crowd and others used less-than-lethal weapons in an attempt to disperse the crowd and clear a path for officers to retreat.

Lillian House, with Denver’s Party for Socialism and Liberation, which organized the counter-demonstration, said Wednesday that most demonstrators did not engage in violence during Sunday’s event.

“The majority of the crowd was simply making noise and making verbal resistance to their pro-police celebration,” she said. “To act like the physical confrontations that happened were initiated primarily by us is just absurd.”

She said the conservative backlash this week against the counter-protesters and against Denver police was predictable.

“Quite clearly the people on the right came with the expectation that if we showed up, the police were going to crack down on us violently — and they didn’t get that,” she said. “I think that speaks really clearly to who is really the violent side.”



Anti-cop ‘mob’ swarms Back the Blue event in Denver, bloodying several before shutting things down: reports

Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli tweeted, ‘These tyrannical, left-wing anarchists hate free speech. If you do not agree with them, they believe you must be beaten down – literally’

Danielle Wallace

By Danielle Wallace | Fox News

Dan Bongino: Why Democrats never wanted police reform

Dan Bongino weighs in on Democrats unwillingness to come to the table on police reform

A large crowd of anti-cop demonstrators descended on a Back the Blue event in Denver on Sunday afternoon, blowing whistles, banging drums and, in some instances, throwing punches, forcing police to intervene before the gathering was effectively shut down early, according to reports.

The sixth annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Day event was scheduled to be held Sunday from 3 to 6 p.m. at the amphitheater in Civic Center Park in Denver. It was advertised by the Pro Police Rally Colorado Facebook page.

Randy Corporon, an attorney who helped organize the “family-friendly” event involving food and live music by Becker Band, said Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen had asked him to either reschedule or move the pro-police gathering from its normal location, citing a risk that officers could be put in danger as Black Lives Matter demonstrators planned a counter-protest also at the Civic Center Park.

A man bleeds from his head after being injured at a pro-law enforcement rally that clashed with counter-protesters demonstrating against racial inequality, in Denver, Colorado, U.S. July 19, 2020. (Reuters/Kevin Mohatt)

A man bleeds from his head after being injured at a pro-law enforcement rally that clashed with counter-protesters demonstrating against racial inequality, in Denver, Colorado, U.S. July 19, 2020. (Reuters/Kevin Mohatt)

“He was agitated that we’re going to get his officers hurt,” Corporon told the Denver Post.“My response to him was that he should allow his officers to do their job and if people are down there breaking the law, to stop them. Because they’ll have nothing to fear from us.”

“We’re exercising our constitutional right to peacefully assemble, and we have no intention of giving up that ground to these domestic terrorists,” he said before the event. “This chief of police is the guy who walked hand-in-hand with Black Lives Matter.”

“If you agree that the domestic terrorists don’t own the streets and our parks in my birthplace, once beautiful Denver Colorado, please join me,” Corporon tweeted Saturday advertising the event the next day.

Shortly after the band began to play around 3 p.m. on Sunday, anti-police demonstrators, who greatly outnumbered the group who had shown up to show their support for law enforcement, moved into the amphitheater space and banged drums, blew whistles, clanged pots, clapped and shouted obscenities to drown out the music, according to the Denver Post.


Several people threw punches. Photos showed clashes between women from opposing sides pulling each other’s hair. One man was bloodied and had a large gash in his forehead.

Two women begin to fight at a pro-law enforcement rally that clashed with counter-protesters demonstrating against racial inequality, in Denver, Colorado, U.S. on July 19, 2020. (Reuters/Kevin Mohatt)

Two women begin to fight at a pro-law enforcement rally that clashed with counter-protesters demonstrating against racial inequality, in Denver, Colorado, U.S. on July 19, 2020. (Reuters/Kevin Mohatt)

Officers on duty to monitor the event tried to form a line between the two groups but could not completely separate the opposing sides. Denver Police later confirmed they used chemical sprays in at least three separate instances to help disperse the crowd.


Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin posted several videos documenting the events Sunday as they unfolded. She said Black Lives Matter protesters swarmed the stage and attacked several women attending the pro-police rally, some using collapsable batons.

Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli reacted to the “Outrageous violence” seen in Denver Sunday, tweeting “These tyrannical, left-wing anarchists hate free speech. If you do not agree with them, they believe you must be beaten down – literally.”

Most of the people showing support for law enforcement had left within an hour. Anti-police demonstrators also stood in front of a police vehicle to prevent it from leaving, the Post reported.

One person was arrested for assault. Police said a supervisor was at the scene to ensure the two pepper ball deployments and one hand-held fog device deployment were carried out according to the department’s policy.

Anti-police protesters, left, clash with a Pro-Police Rally supporter when dueling rallies collided at Civic Center Park on July 19, 2020 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Anti-police protesters, left, clash with a Pro-Police Rally supporter when dueling rallies collided at Civic Center Park on July 19, 2020 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

“Our goal is to make sure everybody has the ability to exercise their First Amendment rights. Those tools are used only if there is some sort of disruption or threat to safety,” Denver police spokesman Tyrone Campbell told the Post.

The counter-protest was organized by Party for Socialism and Liberation, and other Black Lives Matter supporters, including the Afro-Liberation Front, according to KMGH-TV.

Lillian House, an organizer for the Party of Socialism and Liberation, said any celebration in support of police is “unacceptable” and “just all around out of touch with the struggles people are facing.”

“There’s not much else to say other than every cop here is a terrorist by association,” Hale Rardin, a Black Lives Matter supporter at the scene, told the station.

In response to the criticism against law enforcement, Pro Police Rally Colorado founder Ron MacLachlan said his group is not against police reform or Black Lives Matter advocating for racial justice but made a distinction that “We’ve got to stand with our men and women in law enforcement. Without them, we are in chaos and anarchy.”

“The idea that these people have been around for the last six weeks going out and terrorizing different neighborhoods for a couple hours at a time, that’s not acceptable,” he said, referring to the civil unrest that’s unfolded since George Floyd died in police custody in Minneapolis in May.

Before the event Sunday, MacLachlan said the pro-police gathering was not just for officers but also for their families. He pondered, “What kind of home are they in when they have that kind of tension going on inside their lives?”

Malkin also claimed MacLachlan “was beaten with just minutes after praying” by Black Lives Matter protesters using a bullhorn and a longhorn. She also said police Chief Pazen, “who marched with BLM last month, let pro-police patriots get beaten and silenced.”


America’s Problem Is Systemic Liberalism

Kurt Schlichter | Posted: Jun 29, 2020 12:01 AM The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of

America’s Problem Is Systemic Liberalism

Source: AP Photo/John Bazemore

Forget the bizarre and evil concept of national original sin that is the malignant idea that America is built upon “systemic racism.” America’s true systemic flaw, arising at the time of those miserable progressives of yesteryear and continuing up through the miserable progressives of this rotten year, is what we now call “liberalism.”

Oh, it’s not classical liberalism, with its concern for expanding economic and personal rights – you know, individual liberty. The current inverted mutation of liberalism is all about constricting economic and personal rights and forcing individuals into collective boxes where their individuality is subsumed into an easily exploited and manipulated conformist whole. Want to test out this hypothesis? Look through the endless woke tweets of your favorite hack journalist, pinko pol, or Hollywood half-wit, or even go up to some self-described liberal in your own life, and see if you can find one iota of deviation from any of the approved liberal dogma. Good luck. You won’t find a smidgeon of nonconformity. You won’t detect a molecule of dissent. These people are the Borg, if the Borg worked in a giant space coffee house, had Bernie stickers on their spaceships, and could not do a push-up. You can’t reason with them – appealing to reason is futile.

Systemic liberalism is the real poison in America’s veins, not the fanciful notion pushed by bigots, charlatans, and demagogues, that the American enterprise is dedicated to invidious discrimination on the basis of race.

It’s all a lie and a scam.

Only a country so prosperous, so free, and secure could be so frivolous as to indulge an elite that eager to embrace such a manifestly ridiculous conceit. And only academics are dumb enough to come up with it in the first place. If you needed more incentive, beyond its greed and incompetence, to figuratively burn our college and university system to the ground, look no further than the critical race theory nonsense it spawned.

It’s the phrenology of political theories, except dumber and more malicious.

Systemic liberalism infects all aspects of our society, and the society they want will be built upon its leprous foundation. In the government, you have mayors, governors, congress jerks, and senators cheering on political violence. Public property is destroyed and citizens are imperiled and they demand that you disarm and not leave your house without sporting a piehole thong.

Even institutions we thought were solid are wavering. Too many cops kneel or stand back as spectators to the chaos. The military is bombarding the troops with memos from generals competing for victory in the Battle of Woke Island. Sadly, the harassed warriors whose combat training is pushed aside for ever more diversity tail-chasing will look back on that bombardment wistfully when the Red Chinese, who have a serious military, bombard them with actual munitions.

In the courts, we see Hawaiian judges and the double standard that entrapped Mike Flynn. Our FBI is corrupt and unable to find its moral footing. It can’t seem to get around to arresting scumbags pulling down statues but it can spare better than a dozen G-men to sherlock the mystery of a troubling garage door knot. Maybe J. Edgar liked to rock a little black dress, but at least he knew how to lock up crooks.

All of the mainstream media is 100 percent in on systemic liberalism, with the grim conformity of what it covers (and what it covers up) matched only by the grim conformity of the bias it displays. Objectivity? Racist! Free expression? That’s makes us feel unsafe! We now have journalists demanding that people be punished for writing things that are contrary to the approved narrative. Gee, how could that ever go wrong for people who write things for a living? Well, the soft senior men and women running those organizations are finding out, as the young wokes in their newsrooms take over because the old guard is too exhausted to resist.

Our scientists offer scientific findings that inevitably support the liberal narrative. The new scientific method is determining what’s woke and half-heartedly working backwards from there. So, one day we’ll all die if we let our kids play in the park, then the next we hear we’re immune to the pangolin pandemic if our hearts are woke enough. To point out that this is idiocy is to deny science. 

In Hollywood, the studios rush to hide what used to be merely bad taste but is now heresy. And our courageous comedians cower, terrified to mock the eminently mockable antics of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the other sects of the left’s semi-organized religion. But hey, those Audie Murphys of America’s stages and screens will never hesitate to take on those Jesus-loving Christians.

Corporations and enterprises like the NFL and NASCAR abandon and spit on their own customers, treating them as racist rubes as the C-suite sissies seek to please their younger second wives and not the people who buy their stuff. You can’t open an email without being reminded that the company that makes your fertilizer is giving part of the cash you spend with it to the Marxist cadre at Black Lives Matter. 

In people’s private lives, tiresome acquaintances scold others on social media for failing to post the right nonsense on their Facebook pages. Daughters rebel against whatever it is suburban daughters have to rebel against by announcing on Twitter that they are cutting off their parents because their parents are insufficiently woke (though whether that lasts past daddy cutting off young Ashleigh’s cash remains to be seen). Frigid suburban matrons cruise into their local Starbucks, book cover facing out so everyone knows that they are carrying a copy of White Fragility. It’s the new 50 Shade of Gray, with the same vibe of cringey masochism that helps fill up with their empty lives and lets them feel something, anything. There’s a reason that these people all seem to have weird issues and to be working them out on the rest of us. These people all have weird issues and are working them out on the rest of us.

And it is all based on a lie, just like everything liberals say about Donald Trump and you is a lie.

We don’t need to purge our society of systemic racism because heroes in the past did that for us. From the heroes of Gettysburg to heroes like Medgar Evers (an Army vet of Normandy appropriately buried in Arlington), the blood of patriots washed away the structural racism of the past. What is left today are a few idiots with tiki torches and lots of college professors and New York Times scribblers who thrive upon hating people for where their great-great-great-great grandfathers came from. Those garbage people are the exception, a fringe, and do not reflect America

Sadly, structural liberalism is beginning to. Liberals want an America of terrified conformity, of eternal grievance and hate, where the rights of individuals are crushed if they prove to be an obstacle to liberal rule.

Who wants to punish people for their speech? Liberals.

Who wants to discriminate among people based on their race? Liberals.

And who wants this hate to continue and even grow because they see harnessing it as their means to take perpetual power? Liberals.

It’s past time to smash systemic liberalism. Get ready to be the backlash.

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