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House Republicans vow to not vote for increased debt ceiling

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Citing trillions of dollars of government spending proposed by Democrats, the 103 House Republicans promised not to increase the debt ceiling under any circumstance.

Source: House Republicans vow to not vote for increased debt ceiling

Over 100 Republicans in the House are vowing in a new letter that they will not vote to increase the debt ceiling — calling the issue a “problem created by Democrat spending.”

Citing trillions of dollars of government spending proposed by Democrats, the 103 House Republicans promised not to increase the debt ceiling under any circumstance, according to the letter obtained by Fox News.

“Democrats have embarked on a massive and unprecedented deficit spending spree. Without a single Republican vote, they passed a $1.9 trillion ‘Covid relief’ bill in March even though $1 trillion was still unspent from previous bipartisan Covid relief bills,” the letter said, also citing the recently passed $3.5 trillion budget resolution.

“In order for this spending to occur, our nation’s debt limit will have to be increased significantly,” it continued. “Because Democrats are responsible for the spending, they need to take responsibility for increasing the debt ceiling.”

The Republicans, led by Reps. Kevin Hern (R-Okla.) and Jim Banks (R-Ind.), vowed they will not increase the debt ceiling if it comes “through a stand alone bill, a continuing resolution, or any other vehicle.”

Earlier this month, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) warned Democrats that they should not expect any GOP support in raising the debt ceiling, after calling the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill “their latest socialist shopping list.”

Capitol building.Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called the Democrat-backed $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill “their latest socialist shopping list.” Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

“In just a few days, our colleagues will start ramming through yet another reckless taxing and spending spree. Trillions more in inflationary spending when families just want good jobs and stable prices. But there’s something funny happening,” McConnell said.

“Even as Democrats crow about how all this spending is so good and so needed, they’re petrified to vote for the credit limit increase that would make it possible,” he continued.

“Democrats are about to tell Republicans to go take a hike and start teeing up trillions more dollars in borrowing and spending without a single Republican vote. But at the same time they’re extolling the virtues of their latest socialist shopping list, they are afraid to up the limit on their credit card.”

Rep. Elise Stefanik.Reps. Elise Stefanik, Jim Banks, Dan Crenshaw and Andy Biggs have joined the Republican Study Committee Budget and Spending Task Force.Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

On July 31, the two-year suspension on the debt ceiling expired. Democrats have been weighing attaching the debt ceiling to a sweeping spending bill this fall, forcing Republicans to get on board.

“We should not default on our debts under any circumstances,” the GOP letter added.

“If Democrats threaten a default, it will only be because they refuse to vote for the debt ceiling increase necessitated by their own irresponsible spending. Democrats, at any time, have the power through reconciliation to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling, and they should not be allowed to pretend otherwise.”

Monday’s letter comes as Democrats attempt to pass the budget resolution while facing a number of hurdles due to their razor-thin majorities in both chambers, with moderates expressing concerns about the price tag and progressives pushing for numerous controversial provisions to be included in the final reconciliation package.

Last Tuesday, the budget’s blueprint was passed 220-212, after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) convinced 10 Republicans to support the bill’s framework. While the massive spending bill has yet to be written, last week’s vote allows Democrats to move forward.

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America’s Problem Is Systemic Liberalism

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Kurt Schlichter | Posted: Jun 29, 2020 12:01 AM The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of

America’s Problem Is Systemic Liberalism

Source: AP Photo/John Bazemore

Forget the bizarre and evil concept of national original sin that is the malignant idea that America is built upon “systemic racism.” America’s true systemic flaw, arising at the time of those miserable progressives of yesteryear and continuing up through the miserable progressives of this rotten year, is what we now call “liberalism.”

Oh, it’s not classical liberalism, with its concern for expanding economic and personal rights – you know, individual liberty. The current inverted mutation of liberalism is all about constricting economic and personal rights and forcing individuals into collective boxes where their individuality is subsumed into an easily exploited and manipulated conformist whole. Want to test out this hypothesis? Look through the endless woke tweets of your favorite hack journalist, pinko pol, or Hollywood half-wit, or even go up to some self-described liberal in your own life, and see if you can find one iota of deviation from any of the approved liberal dogma. Good luck. You won’t find a smidgeon of nonconformity. You won’t detect a molecule of dissent. These people are the Borg, if the Borg worked in a giant space coffee house, had Bernie stickers on their spaceships, and could not do a push-up. You can’t reason with them – appealing to reason is futile.

Systemic liberalism is the real poison in America’s veins, not the fanciful notion pushed by bigots, charlatans, and demagogues, that the American enterprise is dedicated to invidious discrimination on the basis of race.

It’s all a lie and a scam.

Only a country so prosperous, so free, and secure could be so frivolous as to indulge an elite that eager to embrace such a manifestly ridiculous conceit. And only academics are dumb enough to come up with it in the first place. If you needed more incentive, beyond its greed and incompetence, to figuratively burn our college and university system to the ground, look no further than the critical race theory nonsense it spawned.

It’s the phrenology of political theories, except dumber and more malicious.

Systemic liberalism infects all aspects of our society, and the society they want will be built upon its leprous foundation. In the government, you have mayors, governors, congress jerks, and senators cheering on political violence. Public property is destroyed and citizens are imperiled and they demand that you disarm and not leave your house without sporting a piehole thong.

Even institutions we thought were solid are wavering. Too many cops kneel or stand back as spectators to the chaos. The military is bombarding the troops with memos from generals competing for victory in the Battle of Woke Island. Sadly, the harassed warriors whose combat training is pushed aside for ever more diversity tail-chasing will look back on that bombardment wistfully when the Red Chinese, who have a serious military, bombard them with actual munitions.

In the courts, we see Hawaiian judges and the double standard that entrapped Mike Flynn. Our FBI is corrupt and unable to find its moral footing. It can’t seem to get around to arresting scumbags pulling down statues but it can spare better than a dozen G-men to sherlock the mystery of a troubling garage door knot. Maybe J. Edgar liked to rock a little black dress, but at least he knew how to lock up crooks.

All of the mainstream media is 100 percent in on systemic liberalism, with the grim conformity of what it covers (and what it covers up) matched only by the grim conformity of the bias it displays. Objectivity? Racist! Free expression? That’s makes us feel unsafe! We now have journalists demanding that people be punished for writing things that are contrary to the approved narrative. Gee, how could that ever go wrong for people who write things for a living? Well, the soft senior men and women running those organizations are finding out, as the young wokes in their newsrooms take over because the old guard is too exhausted to resist.

Our scientists offer scientific findings that inevitably support the liberal narrative. The new scientific method is determining what’s woke and half-heartedly working backwards from there. So, one day we’ll all die if we let our kids play in the park, then the next we hear we’re immune to the pangolin pandemic if our hearts are woke enough. To point out that this is idiocy is to deny science. 

In Hollywood, the studios rush to hide what used to be merely bad taste but is now heresy. And our courageous comedians cower, terrified to mock the eminently mockable antics of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the other sects of the left’s semi-organized religion. But hey, those Audie Murphys of America’s stages and screens will never hesitate to take on those Jesus-loving Christians.

Corporations and enterprises like the NFL and NASCAR abandon and spit on their own customers, treating them as racist rubes as the C-suite sissies seek to please their younger second wives and not the people who buy their stuff. You can’t open an email without being reminded that the company that makes your fertilizer is giving part of the cash you spend with it to the Marxist cadre at Black Lives Matter. 

In people’s private lives, tiresome acquaintances scold others on social media for failing to post the right nonsense on their Facebook pages. Daughters rebel against whatever it is suburban daughters have to rebel against by announcing on Twitter that they are cutting off their parents because their parents are insufficiently woke (though whether that lasts past daddy cutting off young Ashleigh’s cash remains to be seen). Frigid suburban matrons cruise into their local Starbucks, book cover facing out so everyone knows that they are carrying a copy of White Fragility. It’s the new 50 Shade of Gray, with the same vibe of cringey masochism that helps fill up with their empty lives and lets them feel something, anything. There’s a reason that these people all seem to have weird issues and to be working them out on the rest of us. These people all have weird issues and are working them out on the rest of us.

And it is all based on a lie, just like everything liberals say about Donald Trump and you is a lie.

We don’t need to purge our society of systemic racism because heroes in the past did that for us. From the heroes of Gettysburg to heroes like Medgar Evers (an Army vet of Normandy appropriately buried in Arlington), the blood of patriots washed away the structural racism of the past. What is left today are a few idiots with tiki torches and lots of college professors and New York Times scribblers who thrive upon hating people for where their great-great-great-great grandfathers came from. Those garbage people are the exception, a fringe, and do not reflect America

Sadly, structural liberalism is beginning to. Liberals want an America of terrified conformity, of eternal grievance and hate, where the rights of individuals are crushed if they prove to be an obstacle to liberal rule.

Who wants to punish people for their speech? Liberals.

Who wants to discriminate among people based on their race? Liberals.

And who wants this hate to continue and even grow because they see harnessing it as their means to take perpetual power? Liberals.

It’s past time to smash systemic liberalism. Get ready to be the backlash.

Fight the lies. Join Townhall VIP.  Also, my new non-fiction book from Regnery, The 21 Biggest Lies about Donald Trump (and You!) drops July 7, and you should pre-order it right now! And don’t forget my novels eerily prescient novels of America torn apart by leftists, People’s Republic, Indian Country, Wildfire and Collapse!

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“Scrupulously Following The Law” AG Barr

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Here’s the Entirety Of What AG Barr Said Today.

Stop listening to the “spin” spewing from the mainstream media news, Democrats, Leftist, Liberals and the rest of the “Dumbed Down” Population who can’t seem or care to discern!!

AG Barr, FBI Dir Wray Announce Developments in the Investigation of the NAS Pensacola Shooting

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God Bless America

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The Historic Trade Agreement USMCA Was Signed Over A Year Ago

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It took the Democratic Majority held House over a year to sign the USMCA. Why? Because they were more interested in obstructing a President who they despise more than they hate Americans, for now. Maybe a handful care, but when the entire party is ordered to stay in lock step with the speaker’s agenda of destroying Donald J. Trump by any means necessary, and most certainly at the expense of this country, drastic measures become the order of the day. Thank God it’s in the hands of the Senate now and will soon be signed into law across three countries! Every citizen of every country is going to benefit! Bravo President Trump and the Trump Doctrine! ~Tilt

Remarks by President Trump, Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada, and President Peña Nieto of Mexico at Signing Ceremony for the United States—Mexico—Canada Agreement | The White House

Source: Remarks by President Trump, Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada, and President Peña Nieto of Mexico at Signing Ceremony for the United States—Mexico—Canada Agreement | The White House

Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina

9:24 A.M. AST

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much.  We’re gathered together this afternoon for a very historic occasion: The signing ceremony for a brand new trade deal, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.  So important.

I’m honored to be here with President Enrique Peña Nieto — who’s become a great friend — of Mexico, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has also become a great friend, who has — this has been a battle, and battles sometimes make great friendships.  So it’s really terrific.

With our signatures today, we will formally declare the intention of our three countries to replace NAFTA with the USMCA a truly groundbreaking achievement.  A modern-day agreement.

I want to thank U.S. Trade Representative Bob Lighthizer and his entire team for their tremendous effort and the efforts that they’ve made all throughout the last almost two-year period.

Thank you as well to Jared Kushner, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin, and Director Larry Kudlow for their hard work and untiring devotion throughout the negotiation process.  Peter Navarro, thank you so much for the work that you put in.  And so many others.

The USMCA is the largest, most significant, modern, and balanced trade agreement in history.  All of our countries will benefit greatly.  It is probably the largest trade deal ever made, also.  In the United States, the new trade pact will support high-paying manufacturing jobs and promote greater access for American exports across the range of sectors, including our farming, manufacturing, and service industries.

As part of our agreement, the United States will be able to lock in our market access to Canada and Mexico, and greatly expand our agricultural exports — something we’ve been wanting to do for many years.  This is an amazing deal for our farmers, and also allows them to use cutting-edge biotechnology, and eliminates non-scientific barriers.

Our nations have also agreed to innovate new measures to ensure fair competition and promote high wages, and higher wages, for U.S. and North American autoworkers.  The autoworkers are a tremendous beneficiary.

Under the USMCA, at least 75 percent of our automobiles’ content must be manufactured in North America, and 40 to 45 percent of automobile content must be manufactured by North American high-wage labor in order to gain preferential access to our markets.  This will help stop auto jobs from going overseas and it will bring back auto jobs that have already left.  Many, many jobs are already planning to come back.  Many companies are coming back, and we’re very excited about that.

This landmark agreement includes intellectual property protections that will be the envy of nations all around the world.  The USMCA also contains robust new provisions on digital trade and financial services, and the most ambitious environmental and labor protections ever placed into a major trade agreement anywhere at any time.

We have dramatically raised standards for combatting unfair trade practices; confronting massive subsidies for state-owned enterprises; and, currently, if you look at it, currency manipulation that hurt workers in all three of our countries.  The currency manipulation from some countries is so intense, so bad, and it would hurt Mexico, Canada, and the United States badly.  We’ve covered it very well in this agreement.

These new provisions will benefit labor, technology, and development in each of our nations, leading to much greater growth and opportunity throughout our countries and across North America.

In short, this is a model agreement that changes the trade landscape forever.  And this is an agreement that, first and foremost, benefits working people — something of great importance to all three of us here today.

President — I must say, Peña Nieto and Prime Minister Trudeau, we’ve worked hard on this agreement.  It’s been long and hard.  We’ve taken a lot of barbs and a little abuse.  And we got there.  It’s great for all of our countries.

Thank you for your close partnership throughout this process.  This new agreement will ensure a future of prosperity and innovation for Mexico, Canada, and the United States.  I look forward to working with members of Congress and the USMCA partners — and I have to say, it’s been so well reviewed, I don’t expect to have very much of a problem — to ensure the complete implementation of our agreement.

Enrique, I want to thank you on a personal note, and I want to wish you the very best.  This will be your last day in office, so that’s a very auspicious day when you can sign something so important.  But we really do appreciate it.  I think I can speak for Justin when I say that.  (Applause.)  We both — we both agree he’s a special man.  And he’s really done a good job, and we appreciate it very much.  Thank you.

So I just want to congratulate you on ending your term in office with this incredible milestone.  It is really an incredible way to end a presidency.  You don’t see that happen very often.

I look forward to working with President-elect López Obrador for many years to come.  And our relationship, I know, will be a very good one.  We’ve had great conversations and I think we’re going to have a great, great relationship.

And I would now like to invite the President and the Prime Minister to say a few words.  And perhaps we can start with Justin.  And we appreciate it very much.  Thank you.  Justin, please.  (Applause.)

PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU:  Good morning.  Thank you all for being here, and thank you to Presidents Trump and Peña Nieto.  Donald, thank you for your words this morning.  Thank you for pulling this event together.  Enrique, this, as Donald said, on your last day in office, it’s a wonderful pleasure to see you and to be here on this historic moment.

The new North American Free Trade Agreement maintains stability for Canada’s entire economy — stability that’s essential for the millions of jobs and middle-class families across the country that rely on strong, reliable trading relationships with our closest neighbors.  That’s why I’m here today.

The new agreement lifts the risk of serious economic uncertainty that lingers throughout a trade renegotiation process.  Uncertainty that would have only gotten worse and more damaging had we not reached a new NAFTA.

But when faced with this challenge, Canadians came together and rolled up their sleeves.  Canadians from every order of government and walks of life put their country’s interests first and worked hard to achieve a new, modernized agreement that will protect jobs, strengthen the middle class, and create new opportunities for businesses.

There’s much more work to do in lowering trade barriers and in fostering growth that benefits everyone.  But reaching a new free trade agreement with the United States and Mexico is a major step for our economy.

Canadians got here because Team Canada was driven by the interests of the middle class.  Free and fair trade leads to more and better-paying middle-class jobs for more people.  And the benefits of trade must be broadly and fairly shared.  That is what modernizing NAFTA achieves, and that is why it was always so important to get this new agreement done right.

As a result, the tariff-free access that NAFTA guaranteed for more than 70 percent of Canada’s total exports is secure.  And that’s essential for businesses, families, jobs, entrepreneurs, and hardworking people in every corner of our country.

As I said, the task isn’t done.  There is more hard work ahead to build resilient, strong economies that support families everywhere in Canada.

As I discussed with President Trump a few days ago, the recent plant closures by General Motors, which affects thousands of Canadian and American workers and their families, are a heavy blow.  Make no mistake: We will stand up for our workers and fight for their families and their communities.

And, Donald, it’s all the more reason why we need to keep working to remove the tariffs on steel and aluminum between our countries.

With hard work, good will, and determination, I’m confident we will get there.  Our shared interests, prosperity, and security demand it.

Before wrapping up, I’d like to personally thank our Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, along with U.S. Trade Representative Bob Lighthizer, and Mexican Secretary of the Economy Ildefonso Guajardo for all their hard work and dedication since the very beginning of this process.  I’d also like to thank Ambassador David MacNaughton, Chief Negotiator Steve Verheul, and their talented and extremely hardworking staff.

Once again, thank you all for being here today.  (Applause.)

PRESIDENT PEÑA NIETO:  (As interpreted.)  President of the United States, Donald Trump; Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau; distinguished members of the delegations joining us today: To both, I would like to thank you for your generous remarks.

This is precisely the last day of my administration, ladies and gentlemen, members of the media.  During the last day of my administration as President, I am honored to be here standing next to the leaders of two countries who are friends and partners in this signing ceremony of the new trade agreement between Mexico, the U.S., and Canada.

The agreement that we will sign today expresses the shared will by our three nations to work together towards the wellbeing and prosperity of each one of our societies.  This day is the culmination of a long process based on dialogue and negotiations that allow us to overcome differences and to conciliate our visions.  Once signed, the agreement will be sent to our congresses for its ratification.  It will be then when this innovative instrument bears fruit by offering a more inclusive, firm, and modern foundation for our future exchanges.

The negotiation of USMCA allowed to reaffirm the importance of economic integration in North America.  For more than a quarter of a century ago, our three countries have maintained very tight trade relationships.  Such trade has transformed Mexico.  Today, our exchanges abroad represent more than 70 percent of our gross domestic product.

And this has contributed to the fact that, today, the benefits of trade with the world are broadly valued by the Mexican society.  Revamping the new trade agreement was aimed to preserve the view of an integrated North America, with a firm belief that together we are stronger and more competitive.

In spite of the progress that we’ve seen in our trade relationship in the last two decades, there was still a long road ahead of us to take advantage of each country’s potential.  The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement gives a renewed face to the process of integration.  This process achieved, on the first place, to modernize our trade framework.  Trade agreements shall not be static.  Agreements need to move along with the economy and should be according to the needs of our society.

The inclusion of new provisions on e-commerce, information technologies, and trade-enabling practices are now part of the agreement.  In fact, one third of the agreement includes topics that were not included in the current agreement.  The renegotiating process of the agreement allowed our region to move into a more inclusive integration — a type of integration that listens to the demands of our societies.

Twenty-four years ago, NAFTA set a new benchmark for trade agreements back then.  Today, USMCA is the first trade agreement that incorporates elements that address the social impact of international trade.  It enables the participation of more sectors in the economy, including the participation of SMEs in regional trade.  It extends the protection of workers’ rights, strengthens the protection of the environment, and also includes a review clause that would make easier that the agreement is revamped more constantly.  And this is a true sign of the will we have put in this agreement — the decision to provide more and better opportunities to our peoples.

I would like to acknowledge the work done by the negotiators from the three countries.  Each team advocated for each country’s interests.  And by doing this, you reached a very positive result for the sake of all countries.

In the case of Mexico, this work bears testimony of the work of the business community who were present during the process, and specifically the new administration that will take office tomorrow.  Your support, and the alignment of visions in the last phase, contributed to the success of this renegotiation process.
I would like to say that I sincerely acknowledge President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau for their vision and the vision that they have put into the process.  Thanks to you, President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau, the agreement that we have signed today will allow each country to gain individually, but also North America will grow stronger and will grow to be more prosperous.

Ladies and gentlemen, currently in the world, each country’s future is firmly linked to what happens in other countries.  In North America, we understand this very clearly.  We understand that each society’s prosperity will be greater and will be deeply rooted if it’s based in the prosperity of the region as a whole.

This signing ceremony, it is a sign that Mexico, the United States, and Canada, being close — not only due to our geography but on values and our expectations — we’re ready to begin a new chapter in our shared history.  Thank you very much.  (Applause.)

(The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement is signed.)


9:43 A.M. AST

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Has America Sold The House?

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I try not to pontificate too much on my website here, but today I felt it was important.

As is being noticed most Americans are not interested in what appears to be a war between the opposing parties of Democrats and Republicans. There is just one problem. It’s so much more than Americans can possibly imagine. In fact if you do not become clear today, right now, on what has been done in your name, there is a rude awakening coming down the pike that you’re going to need to reason.

We are living in epic times and most of the population in America are not aware of it because they are blatantly being lied to by corporate media oligarchs. Shameful yes but the remedy is on its way and Americans are either going to pull up their boot straps and take their rightful place as the self governed, or they are going to succumb to tyranny and say goodbye to the Republic. Yah, it’s that serious.

The only way Americans are going to be an informed citizenry is to pull our heads out of the sand, see the ludicrous actions taking place in our government that have nothing to do with helping Lawful Sovereign Americans. Except for one guy, the duly elected President of the United States Donald Trump, all hell is breaking loose in the legislative and judicial branches of our government. The Democrats continue their ploy to usurp the Presidential powers of the Executive Branch, while the Supreme Court, whose Constitutional purpose is for Judicial Review only, has seen fit to become politically bias starting with the Bush/Gore Presidential Election ultimately ruling a Bush win. That was not in their purview.

These usurpers are undermining due process in order to cause chaos so justice according to the United States Constitution will become null and void. They are trying to strip America of our ONE RULE OF LAW! If that happens we will lose the Republic, America and our freedoms. Do not underestimate their 154 year ploy nor how far they’ve achieved their goal.

Take heed Americans, the corruption, perversion and criminal acts are deeply embedded in our society and the majority of people are clueless it exists at all or they indeed do not have clarity on the matter. This sets a dangerous precedence for America.

This is OUR country, our government, and the people’s house has been sullied into a shameful abyss of lies and deceit – unless we fight back to save her. Trust and verify everything! That’s our job as rulers of our destiny. Question it all. Make sure you stay informed and see baloney for what it is. This is our legacy happening in real time!

This is specifically why I post people here who ARE in the know, actively fighting back and who you’ll never see on liberal television. But you will in the future because necessity is the mother of invention. Why do you think they call it American Excellence! Bring back American pride!

Mainstream media (MSM) is dead, there is a new and improved way to get your news such as this blog, which is more identifiable as perspective with articles of news happening around the world. Their are countless others. MSM offers a parallel world that is not real! Those who buy into it have become brainwashed into believing the lies and have lost all sense of discernment. They’ve become lazy and are fine being taken care of by a Deep State run government that you’re watching being exposed right now if you’re paying attention.

Patriots To the Rescue!

That’s right! Out of necessity our new and improved way of communicating to each other was given birth. As of late social media has become a “publishers” forum of censorship! They are continuing to suppress conservative voices, Trump supporters and even their precious lefties have been eaten by their own. It’s ugly and sometimes a work of art to get information out. That is the beauty of living in America where there are still true free thinking patriots who organically have came together and turned the left’s attacks on their proverbial ear.

We are succeeding in cutting through the noise because there are too many of us. We are the People in charge of our own destiny and we are taking charge of our House once more! Pitchforks Up America!

Below is a scope by a gentleman who goes by James R @realpersonpltcs. I highly recommend watching and following him. In fact you should go back as far as you can to perhaps get up to speed on things you never would have known. He has several shows via Periscope and You Tube. He is just one example of thousands right now where we get news and in his particular scope you get a tremendous amount of information going on behind the scenes before it becomes mainstream news. Patriots run in and out of our government and it’s agencies and they want this information to get out to us. James’ sources have not only been impeccable they are keeping us informed which helps to disseminate what the liars are telling us. So follow James R, he swears a lot and all I can say is get over it. This is how Americans speak, especially when their pushed into a corner. We’re fighters and we come out swinging. #FreeSpeechEverywhere

Stay involved. Find ways to tell your family, friends and neighbors. It is imperative that every single red blooded American get out and #VoteRed in 2020. That is the total sum of how we save the Republic in 2020. Simple, yes? Some of you may have to hold your nose doing it but that is the ONLY alternative at this juncture. Democrats are in lock step with their socialistic ideas of open borders; higher taxes; trillions of dollars in “universal” government run, bad health care; packing the courts with liberals, progressives and universities with communist professors; getting rid of the electorate. They never stop pushing their Socialistic Communist agenda.

That is why we must boot every single one of them OUT! And when we do, hold every elected official to account! Especially your own representatives. Call them, tell them what you like and what you don’t like. To help guide these decisions we make regarding America as a whole, that directly effect the Constitution and the population, remember one centralized theme: less government is the best government. “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” – President Reagan Aug. 12, 1986

This rant thus far has been about Federal Law, which is different from States Laws so keep them separate in your brains. They work in concert with each other but function differently, creating the greatest nation on earth!

There are more battles ahead because the enemy has an enormous amount of power, money and time to try and level us to a third world country. We on the other hand have unity that is unstoppable if we truly come together! Powers’ through the ages have tried again and again to keep the masses “under control” by force and total fear. Yet humans have been resilient in using their voices to overcome these thieves of life, liberty and prosperity. America was once an example of the internal struggle to identify and stop slavery, regardless the world now has become a world wide network of slavery! Have we learned nothing? When did it get so complicated?

When life became too chaotic and good people did nothing to stop those with nefarious agendas.

The world can end slavery by stopping those who pursue it as well as remaining alert and responsible. Responsible in our personal lives and in our societal duties. If you see something, say something!

Do not let America, the last bastion of hope, fall! The 2020 Election is probably the most important election in our history! It could cost us all of our liberties that countless patriots fought and died to keep! Will Americans forsake their country? Will we lose the Republic and our American way of life? As one of the last standing Patriots who continue to fight, we know in the end it is the people’s choice. Hopefully it will be an informed citizenry. Elections do have consequences, now how about we work things in our favor for a change. We have much more serious issues to resolve.

For now the solution is: #VoteRed in the 2020 primary’s, as well as the general election and tell everyone you know! GET OUT THE RED VOTE! VOTE REPUBLICAN! VOTE RED!

In actuality these parties have not represented We The People for forty years, but voting for one party only on this go around will certainly send a message and guarantee at least four years of a bit more stability in America.

There will be voter fraud, expect it. But if we come out in numbers it will be a guaranteed win for the Republic. Lady Liberty is counting on all of us as one united front to put our enemy in their place! And God is watching.

Save The Republic! #VoteRedToSaveAmerica

End of rant ~ TiLT

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Joe diGenova Responds to the Trump Impeachment Hearings – YouTube

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WAKE UP AMERICA! An all out front on the Republic Right Now! Help Save America!

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Giuliani considers legal action against House Democrats

Giuliani is on target but in this particular interview, Laura Ingraham appeared to be dismissive and demeaning to Giuliani, as if she was intending on making him sound illegitimate. Shameful on her part, but, listen to what he is saying. He’s ready, he’s locked, he’s loaded and we need to pray for him because he is facing the lowest form of human this world has to offer. In fact he, a handful of others and the President are the only people protecting our Constitution, Americans and in particular America from becoming the next victim of the treasonous left! They are our warriors battling for the soul of America! This is the time for all countrymen to come to the aid of their country or lose her forever!

Guiliani responds to House Democrats’ subpoena

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BREAKING: Constitutional Conservative Candidate Invited to Speak, Gets “KICKED OUT” at Door

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BREAKING: Constitutional Conservative Candidate Invited to Speak, Gets “KICKED OUT” at Door
August 31, 2018 by Tami Terusa
clark 2
Glendale, CA
On August 29th, 2018 Candidate Johnny Nalbandian (R), running for the 28th Congressional District in California against Adam Schiff, arrived at 8:00am with his Campaign Manager, Tristan Mouradian, for a prescheduled event at Clark Magnet High School. This was an event which he was specifically invited to by the teacher of  the Senior AP Government Class to speak about volunteer opportunities and the election process. These were the teacher’s extra credit assignments to get Senior voters involved in the act of volunteering and to gain knowledge of the election process. Tristan, an alumnus of Clark Magnet High said during his time there he enjoyed those events, he also  appreciated what he had learned and now puts into practice. The teacher had also reached out to Congressman Adam Schiff to speak but had not received a call back.
Upon arrival in Johnny’s ‘Victory Red USA 1st Campaign Machine’, they pulled up to Clark Magnet High School in the Glendale Unified School District.
Johnny J. Nalbandian's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
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While exiting their van, Johnny and team  noticed there were two people who appeared to be waiting for them and speaking as if they did not want to be heard.  Tristan recognized them as the Principal and Vice-Principal of Clark Magnet High.  Johnny’s team introduced themselves and the Principal  asked why they were here, to which they readily explained.  She then, rather rudely, told them to go to  a door she pointed at and instructed them to sign in.  After doing so, Johnny and team were greeted by a Senior student who was to escort them to the AP Government class.
It was at that point that things got weird.  According to Johnny and his team, before they could even take a few steps the Principal stopped them and ordered them into her office shouting  “No, no, no, come to my office!”.  She proceeded to explain  “We cannot have you speak because it is against our rules, our boss told us you are not allowed to talk today.”  Then adding her own excuse of  “no political soliciting.”
Johnny asked “This wouldn’t have anything to do with me being a Constitutional Conservative would it?”
The Principal replied “No sir, it has nothing to do with your political ideology”
Again Johnny asked “Are you sure this has nothing to do with my being a Conservative?”
The Principal again in a parroted tone repeated “No sir, it has nothing to do with your political ideology.”
Johnny then respectfully followed the rules, packed up and left.
The incident could’ve been chalked up to a poorly informed administrator of public schools responsibility to the public except for what transpired shortly after.
It was learned within hours that the Principal of Clark Magnet High School was part of an organization whose purpose is supporting Adam Schiff in his political career. In fact she was named “Woman Of The Year” by Adam Schiff in 2017.
Tristan Mouradian‏ @MouradianT
The question of election interference has come up. I will share that the principal of this school received the “woman of the year award” from @AdamSchiffCA as pictured below. She also seems to have ties to an organization that actively promotes Schiff.

In addition there are City Council and School Board members who also reside within this organization to support Schiff.  One of these is Board Member Shant Sahakian who had this to say about a speech Adam Schiff gave at another local school in the Glendale Unified School District a few miles away just three days earlier.

Thank you Congressman Adam Schiff for visiting Daily High School and sharing words of wisdom with our students!
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So it became increasingly suspect that Johnny’s event was shutdown  apparently in the same school district where Adam Schiff was welcomed and idealized within three days of each other. Coincidence? Or is it another attack on a Conservative Candidate designed to silence their voice? What information are they feeding your children and what information aren’t they getting?
In the words of Tristan Mouradian:

Tristan Mouradian

August 29 at 10:02 PM ·
I never thought the day would come when the High School that I am a proud alumni of would have me and my colleague congressional candidate Johnny J. Nalbandian told to leave campus after being invited as guest speakers with no real or valid excuse. We were going to speak to the AP government students about the experience of being in a political race and the challenges that grassroots candidates go through as well as potential volunteer opportunities for the youth to get involved should they choose to. Though assured it was not the case I fear that our constitutional conservative ideology could have been a factor. I hope this was not the case. If our opponent Adam Schiff or his campaign is ever allowed to speak to students the true reason will become clear. I spent many hours outside of class working on our film projects which were used to bring funding to programs. Putting it lightly, this was very disappointing and quite frankly, embarrassing.
I am not going say names because know I you’re reading this.
-Tristan Mouradian
Campaign Director
Johnny for Congress
UPDATE: I mentioned above that if Congressman Adam Schiff or his campaign spoke to students the intentions would become clear. As I have discovered, three days prior to this post Adam Schiff spoke to welcome students at another local high school in the same district. Normally I’d say that is not an issue. However, with what transpired with our campaign and the administration, I fear now more than ever that we were not allowed to speak for reasons other than the ones we were told. Attached to this post is the image of Schiff at the school assembly.
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The current environment in America is rife with political discrimination and is not for the thinned skinned.  But Johnny was unscathed, saying “I’m taking these lemons and turning them into lemonade!”
To date this author has reached out to Clark Magnet High School and awaiting a reply.  This article will be updated when that is received. Contact with questions.

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America: Sick No More

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Our Flag
America is sick. Every day brings more division, more violence, more hate, more danger to self-preservation and a government not of, by or for the people, in fact it has turned on Americans. The question is what are YOU going to do about it?

I see many trying to help but the multitudes are completely stuck in fear and oppression. (some just feel above it all) They have become stagnate largely due to the dumbing down of America via education, video games and television; with both parents working, the government, the schools and strangers are molding and teaching your children who will never learn their own traditions and history without parents there to teach them.

I see the remnants of a once great nation in the middle of yet another election, an election the likes of which none of us have seen, ever. I see Americans divided right down the middle, at least those who halfway care or have half a brain to see it for what it is – you’re either for America or you want to fundamentally change her OR bring her to her knees. There are a million reasons why and only one way out.

I also see this may be our last chance to save America, whether you believe it or not, whether you care or not, we all may wake up one day and it will all be gone because we did not take care of the gift we have been given. For those “Americans” who have done everything you can to bring down a good man called Donald Trump, or have done nothing to support him other than mock him personally, socially, and in the gutter with manufactured stories, you will not be forgotten. In fact, you will be reminded when America is Great Again that this is what you did NOT want. You did NOT want the only candidate who really does love and want to fix America, a sick America that you overtly refused to recognize as being exactly what she needed. In fact, you aren’t willing to save America because you aren’t willing to seek truth, to do the research, read your history or do your civic duty and/or you just don’t care about or love America. But you’ll easily buy into the lies and attacks either out of laziness or you perceive it to be more fun to be negative and tear things apart rather than make them better. Positive begets positive and negative begets negative. YOU have made a conscious decision to support the status quo of traitors and a treasonous corrupt (incorporated) government. YOU have CHOSEN to swallow lies, endanger this country even more via the corrupt politicians YOU vote in – all while your fellow patriots keep trying to tell you otherwise. YOU not only refuse to hear it but you fight it at every juncture as if in some kindergarten sandbox. The lack of common sense is breathtaking.

Our youth has had all morality stripped from their senses so forgive them, they have a lifetime to learn otherwise if they choose. That is the responsibility of the elders of this nation because we owe it to these kids, whether they want to hear it or not. The rest of you will hold the mark of turncoat because you should know better. I don’t know if naysayers care about being marked as a turncoat, but that is where we are headed because you clearly do not understand, accept or support America or its laws. You clearly do not see the crossroad before us. One road leads to prosperity, the other to despair. Perhaps you just decided to go against the grain at the wrong time in the wrong country. How’s that working for you?

We have always been allowed to speak our mind here in America because people lost their lives fighting for that right. However, I am pretty sure the forefathers didn’t expect the respect for life, the family unit, the law, and your manners to be all but gone here in this great nation on Turtle Island. Instead it’s been made a mockery and we should all bow our heads in shame for allowing it to get this far.

Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States because we don’t have a choice, he’s the right man for the job, he’s got the hand of God upon him and we have history on our side this time. It only took 4% of the population to write, support and enact the United States Constitution and we have far surpassed that critical mass to get a real American in the White House to take back America and purge it of those who have perverted her.

If you are not aware or refuse to acknowledge it there is a movement going on in this country. Do you hear it? That is the sound of Americans, true Americans, Patriots, Lovers of Freedom, Respecters of Life and the Pursuers of Happiness! The beast, your master, has awoken turncoats, (the army of lost souls) and the only way out is to turn back or step aside. Join the fight to save America or just get out of the way because there are enough of us in motion who still love and uphold America’s ways. We are here to clean house while finishing the job of making America great again! We have always stood ready and able because we do Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of these United States of America, and TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS, One Nation, Under God, Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for ALL. America is sick no more.

the eagle rises
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