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CA27th District’s 2020 Candidate, No Show To Pre-Trial Hearing

On January 22, 2020, Republican Candidate Beatrice Cardenas sent her lawyers to her pretrial hearing to ask for a continuance. The case was to be heard overseeing her fulfillment of the court ordered anger management classes as well as community services before trial can be set. According to the court there was no reason given for the delay, just that it is rescheduled for 9AM January 28th at the Alhambra Courthouse. That is over one month before the California 2020 Primary Elections and she is still on the ballot.

There are many concerned constituents regarding Ms. Cardenas behavior, including her family. Is she buying time in order to delay the inevitable accountability of her crimes because of the March 3 Primary elections? Is she trying to keep her crimes hidden from her constituents? The public deserves to know the character of who they vote for and based on court documents, Beatrice Cardenas’ behavior is far from respectful, civil or decent.

This story is developing and TiLT News will keep the public abreast of the situation. Stay tuned as more reports filter in.