The Wound That Will Never Heal. The Bitter Taste of Betrayal.

I read an article the other day about how Mike Pence and Trump still spoke as if they were anything but curt. I did not post the article or the link because I don’t buy it. Some news agencies think that reporting “anything” about Mike Pence is a good idea. If they are looking for polling numbers, they are wasting their time. If they think they are informing the public, they’re wasting your time. Mike Pence needs to be: shunned in public; his name removed from any and all recognition of any committee or signage of any documents; his name as Vice President of the United States eliminated; and then strip him of his citizenship. Mike Pence stabbed America in the back on January 6, 2021 and handed our government over to a communist regime! That is TREASON!

WAKE UP AMERICA! The death of the Republic lies at the feet of the GOP, The Grand Ole Party! These “representatives” who call themselves “leaders”, don’t lead anything. They took an oath and broke it! They stand before you as an illegal regime, the elite who are above the law and changing the laws as they see fit, like a Monarchy. The Democrats, the RINO’s, the weaklings of the GOP, the courts and the judges, they have ALL broken our one Supreme Law in spades! The Republic is broken.

This is why MAGA, all 80 million of us, are taking over the Republican Party because we ARE the party. We are the America First Agenda and we are going to gut out every single little weakling who didn’t have the courage to do the right thing! They have ALL failed every single American for generations to come and should be remembered as such by name!

This is exactly WHY they are being exposed right now for ALL TO SEE! Heed these warnings America; do not doubt what you see before you. God works in His own time in mysterious ways and he is allowing this to be seen so that all will know. This is a spiritual battle but a battle that we must fight to preserve the freedom granted us by our Creator, not from imperfect men. It is the Almighty who gave us this life, to speak, to prosper, to find happiness. No one has the right to take that from you, no one.

So do yourself a favor. Get involved with your State Legislators in the Republican Party. Become a Precinct Chair, poll worker or get involved with supporting the best candidates, not just any. Here is a great breakdown of what, where, who and how you can make a difference cleaning up each states elections! It is imperative we have fair and honest elections or we truly are dead as a Republic and America will be no more. A thousand years will pass before our offspring will regain their righteous freedoms.

It is up to WE THE PEOPLE now. Not President Trump, not anybody but us. The buck truly stops HERE with US, the self-governed rulers of our own destiny as we journey through our days in the foretold Kingdom on Earth! Only WE can control our destiny. DO NOT LET THIS LEGACY DIE ON OUR WATCH!

We have and continue to be the last bastion of hope for humanity! But don’t think we are the only ones though, because what is happening to America has already happened to every other country in the world. To date they are suffering severe damages from this globalist elite rule that is already here. Humanity must unite for freedom and rid this poison from our once beautiful planet, once and for all.

Together We Are Victorious!

God Speed Patriots, now get to work!


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