Leftist Tech Giants, ChiComs Celebrate Book Burning, In New Ben Garrison Art

The big tech elite, Democrats and the Communist Chinese government are reveling in their destruction of the First Amendment, in a new politically-incorrect cartoon from illustrator Ben Garrison.

In the past few weeks, the anti-free speech agenda of the left-leaning tech giants has become clear – destroy anyone who supports Trump and America’s recovery ahead of the midterm elections.

From Ben Garrison at GrrrGraphics.com:

The authoritarian left continues to shut down free speech and they’re getting away with it.

Their latest victim, ‘Roosh,’ sold his books for years on Amazon. His books mostly proffered advice about picking up girls. It’s an unsavory subject to many—especially feminists—but it’s his free speech and he wasn’t advising anything illegal. Bezos suddenly pulled the plug on Roosh’s books—many which were selling well. Who’s next? Conservative cartoonist books because the content offends the left?

It’s often said that the Internet and social media are the new ‘town square.’ Realizing that, the left-leaning Silicon Valley controls and monopolizes that town square. At first they claimed to be equivalent to the phone company. They provided the platform and access and let the users add the content in the form of free speech. That’s now no longer the case. Clearly Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are skewing content in favor of the left.

A 60 minute video of a 2016 meeting with top management at Google was released to Breitbart today, revealing their panic and dismay that Hillary had lost and Trump won. Google’s top executives, who preside over a company with unrivaled influence over the flow of information, are disparaging the motivations of Trump voters and plotting ways to use their vast resources to thwart the Trump agenda. Google is nothing more than Democrat propaganda and used to influence voters and swing elections.

See the full image below:

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