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Petulant Nancy Pelosi is everything wrong with Democratic Party: Devine

By Miranda Devine

February 9, 2020 | 11:00pm | Updated Enlarge Image

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Getty Images

Nancy Pelosi looked like a malfunctioning Stepford wife as she sat behind President Trump during his State of the Union address last week. Her lower face twitched, she muttered to herself, shook her head, smiled inappropriately, gazed around, chewed her lip or remained glued to her seat during standing ovations in honor of special guests.

It was a bizarre enough performance before she rose to her feet and dramatically ripped up her copy of the president’s speech in what will go down in history as the most unseemly display of partisanship in this partisan era.

That moment was when the myth of the “master political strategist” was busted, and we saw Pelosi, 79, for what she is. Pretending to be classy and prayerful when she is full of petty hatreds and is incapable of holding her party together, a woman who parades her Catholicism while advocating no-holds-barred abortions, feigning to pray for the president while deriding him as “sedated.”

As the leader of the Democrats until they select a presidential candidate, Pelosi is everything that is wrong with the party.

She told reporters that ripping up the speech was “a very dignified act … the courteous thing to do, considering some of the other exuberances within me.”

But her petulant vandalism was the opposite of courteous, quite obviously.

It only underscored the desperation of a party that has lurched to the left in pursuit of Bernie Sanders’ supporters, as the president reaps the reward of a booming economy and his opponents’ continual miscalculations.

Pelosi showed no contrition for ripping up the speech, nor for the political catastrophe of her failed impeachment drive.

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That failure is the albatross around the neck of her party’s presidential candidates as they flail their way through icy New Hampshire.

Bereft of economic ideas, they are reduced to espousing electorally unpalatable policy positions: radical abortion, gender quotas in the cabinet, wholesale drug legalization and the kind of criminal justice reform that has turbo-charged crime in New York.

If Pelosi meant to delay handing over the impeachment articles to the Senate as a strategic masterstroke to tie up ascendant socialist Sanders in the Senate and give Joe Biden three weeks on his own in Iowa, that, too, backfired big-time.

The more Iowa saw of Biden, the less they wanted him, and the candidate who benefited most from those moderate votes was Pete Buttigieg, who has done a good job of disguising his radical views on the campaign trail.

The former South Bend, Ind., mayor said last month that there’s no place for pro-lifers in the Democratic Party, and claimed the Bible says a baby’s life begins with “breath.”

In Concord, NH, Saturday, he was vaguer when asked about the comment.

“We’re a big tent … What I’m not going to do is get someone’s vote by tricking them.”

But Sanders was less coy: “Being pro-choice is an absolutely essential part of being a Democrat.”

Like Biden, Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang, Sanders wants to enact a “litmus test” for judicial appointments:

“I will never nominate anybody who is not 100 percent pro-Roe v. Wade.”

But most Democrats don’t share these intolerant views. As Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats for Life of America, who challenged Buttigieg in a live Fox News town hall last month over his pro-abortion stance, points out, 59 percent of Democrats support restrictions on abortion.

With Mike Bloomberg waiting in the wings, maybe the candidates in New Hampshire have thrown caution to the wind in the hope of stopping Sanders.

But there’s one metric that tells you why Democrats are so morose: the president’s job approval ratings among nonwhites, according to Gallup.

That group, thought to be a lock for Democrats, is coming loose. Approval of Trump by all voters is at 49 percent, the highest of his presidency and higher than for Barack Obama (45 percent) at the same point in his presidency.

Trump has gained 10 points since impeachment began in October. Nice one, Nancy.

But nonwhites’ approval of Trump also is at a high: 28 percent, up 10 points in a year.

When it comes to Trump’s handling of the economy, he gets 67 percent overall job approval and a resounding 49 percent among nonwhites, the beneficiaries of lower unemployment and higher wages.

So almost half of all black and Hispanic voters think Trump is doing a good job with the economy. That makes him hard to beat.

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As well, 23 percent of nonwhites say Trump deserves to be re-elected, 13 percent say they will vote for him regardless of who the Democratic nominee is and 36 percent will decide once they see whom the Democrats choose.

The Democrats’ counteroffer is unpalatable social policy and tantrums from Pelosi.

Hating Trump is not enough, as you can tell from the subdued applause in New Hampshire when candidates rip into the president.

Yang knows real reason Don is prez

Andrew Yang may be lagging behind the field of Democratic presidential candidates in New Hampshire, but he is the only one with a clear-eyed view of his ultimate potential opponent.

“Why is Donald Trump our president?” he asked 7,000 Democrats on Saturday night at the McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club gala dinner in Manchester.

“It’s not Russia. He is our president because we lost 4 million manufacturing jobs in Ohio, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania [and] New Hampshire. Those towns have never recovered.

“We make a mistake when we say Donald Trump is the source of all our problems. He’s not. He is the symptom of a disease.”

Liz blames ‘racism’ on racism

Elizabeth Warren, who launched her academic career by falsely posing as a Native American to get favorable treatment at Harvard, would make Martin Luther King roll over in his grave with her push for “race-conscious laws.”

No surprise, then, that she is in denial about race problems in her own campaign. Asked about why six “women of color” quit her Nevada campaign, complaining of tokenism and a “toxic work environment,” Warren told MSNBC it was the fault of America’s “long legacy” of “racism and oppression [which] creates the kinds of toxicity where … people take advantage of other people.” Huh? Filed under 2020 presidential electionAndrew Yangdemocratsdonald trumpelizabeth warrennancy pelosi

MAJOR CUTS TO NSC EXPECTED THIS WEEK — Anti-Trump Deep State Operatives Hurt the Most

On Friday President Trump fired the two Vindman twins from their National Security Council positions in the Trump White House. This comes after Alexander Vindman admitted to working behind President Trump’s back in Ukraine. Army Lt. Col Alexander Vindman was escorted off the White House grounds and dismissed from the National Security Council Friday afternoon.
….was given a horrendous report by his superior, the man he reported to, who publicly stated that Vindman had problems with judgement, adhering to the chain of command and leaking information. In other words, “OUT”. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 8, 2020
But President Trump is not done and neither is National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien. O’Brien is not finished yet. The National Security Advisor is expected to announce major cuts in the NSC staff this week. CNN reported:
O’Brien has largely been downsizing the NSC by attrition and getting staffers detailed to the council from other departments to return earlier than planned to their home agencies, but one of the sources told CNN it looks like the final phase will involve more direct firings and cuts. “So it’s bloated. We’re going to bring it back to a size that’s manageable and efficient. And look, the folks who are there, they really need to want to serve the President,” O’Brien told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Tuesday night. “What I said when I came to the NSC is that I would drastically downsize it,” he added. O’Brien said the council had “ballooned up” to 236 policy professionals in the Obama administration from about 100 during the Bush administration. “Another week or two, I think we’ll have met our goal,” he said.
It is widely known that the alleged anti-Trump whistleblower Eric Ciaramella is an NSC spy in the White House. If he is still in the White House he should be the first one removed. The post MAJOR CUTS TO NSC EXPECTED THIS WEEK — Anti-Trump Deep State Operatives Hurt the Most appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.
MAJOR CUTS TO NSC EXPECTED THIS WEEK — Anti-Trump Deep State Operatives Hurt the Most Jim Hoft Mon, 10 Feb 2020 03:03:06 GMT

reassignment for lt. col. vindman?? moving info below!

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February 7, 2020A. L. Luttrell8 Comments

I understand Lt. Col. Vindman may be reassigned soon. If the disloyal Lt. Col. has any say in his relocation he may find the below link very helpful. A base in Alaska would place him close to his beloved Russia. Fort Wainwright however would place him even further north in this beautiful state. Think of the scenery sir! You could even drive to a mountain top where you could see your beloved Russia and wave to Putin!

However, can we really trust Vindman to be so close to his near and dear to his heart Russia? He was after all reprimanded for criticizing the U.S. before a group of Russian soldiers once.

I understand Trump would want to get rid of a LEAKER from the White House. It has been an issue for the President from the beginning of his term. Or do you keep a political enemy from the ranks of the military close by………. but limit his access to meetings etc? If Trump moves him out completely, can he be trusted with any confidential/classified information?

Maybe Trump should assign him to stand guard at the vault where communications are secured. Just don’t make it possible for him to have access to the vault. Just stand guard.


Or maybe just have him stand at the entrance of the Pentagon as a “MEET & GREET OFFICER”………. you know like a Walmart greeter!

We know exactly where the leak came from!

The BOLTON BOOK was reviewd directly by NSC’s Lt. Col. Vindman, THE IDENTICAL TWIN of the Lt. Col.Vindman that testified against Trump. You don’t really think that he reviewed it and just passed it on without leaking it do you? The Deep state is deeper than you know and they are all liars! White House Told Bolton That Manuscript Included Top Secret Classified Information https://www.theepochtimes.com/white-house-told-bolton-that-manuscript-included-top-secret-classified-information_3220553.html

#EpsteinCoverUp Story Continues to Make a Huge Impact.

Veritas Logo

Dear Subscriber,

The Project Veritas ABC News / #EpsteinCoverUp story continues to make a huge impact.

On Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson covered ABC’s desperate hunt for the insider.

Tucker and his guest, Melissa Francis both agreed that James O’Keefe and Project Veritas are unparalleled with regard to insiders being able to trust the organization’s character, media instincts, and ability to effectively deliver the truth to the public.

Melissa Francis: “Notice the leaker went to Veritas, not to another network.”

Tucker Carlson: “They trusted James O’Keefe more than they trusted their own employers at ABC. That tells you a lot.”

This Project Veritas ABC cover-up exclusive has also led to renewed questions regarding the circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death.

In the released PV video, Amy Robach states she “100%” believes that Epstein was murdered.

Her declaration wasn’t missed by nationally syndicated Editorial Cartoonist Rick McKee:

In the week since this story’s release, both ABC and parent company Disney have established that their top priority is to hunt down the insider as opposed to releasing the Epstein story they killed.

In a recent article from the National Legal and Policy Center, questions emerge about how Disney should respond:

The revelation by Project Veritas that ABC News killed a story three years ago by their reporter, Amy Robach, that would have exposed the sexually predatory conduct of late financier Jeffrey Epstein, raises the question: What is parent company Disney going to do about it?”

The public has a right to know who within ABC or Disney killed the Epstein story and why.

Project Veritas will continue to investigate and demand answers so as to keep the elite media accountable for their actions, or their inaction.

In Truth,


Why Is This Mueller Alumnus in Charge of the Justice Department’s FARA Unit?

Of the thousands of attorneys in the Department of Justice, it should be possible to find one who was not so closely associated with a project to use the Foreign Agents Registration Act as a pretext to meddle in and undermine the results of an American election.

Adam Mill – October 29th, 2019

Did the FBI tamper with the record of what former Trump campaign official and National Security Advisor Michael Flynn said to FBI agents? According to documents filed by Flynn’s attorney last week, it appears that none other than former FBI attorney Lisa Page participated in the editing of Flynn’s statement.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team then used the edited statement as proof of Flynn’s “lie.”

How can Brandon Van Grack, the lead prosecutor in the Flynn case, possibly defend a conviction of Flynn for lying to the FBI when the “lie” Flynn supposedly told was actually a statement edited and altered without Flynn’s participation? This latest bombshell is disturbing evidence that the U.S. Department of Justice remains a weapon in the hands of Democrats and the permanent bureaucracy.

Van Grack is more than just the tip of the spear for a particularly egregious operation to criminalize the Justice Department’s political targets—in this case, members of the 2016 Trump presidential campaign. He’s also a key veteran of the Mueller investigation. Unlike his colleagues who returned to private practice, Van Grack stayed behind to assume a powerful position within the Justice Department.

Van Grack currently wears two hats. In one of Attorney General Barr’s less-considered decisions, he placed Van Grack in charge of enforcing the very law that the Justice Department (and later the Mueller team) used as a pretext to spy on and leak against Trump in the 2016 election and his subsequent administration. Yes, Van Grack now wields the awesome and highly discretionary power of the unit that investigates and prosecutes violations of the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA).

To understand what a colossal mistake it is to put Van Grack in charge of FARA, it is helpful to review the FARA statute and its history.

In 1938, Congress passed the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which was intended to force agents of enemy governments such as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union to self-identify so the public could evaluate their speech or propaganda in light of their stated loyalties. Between 1966 and 2015, the Justice Department brought a total of seven cases, only one of which resulted in a conviction.

Beginning in 2016, however, FARA cases became all the rage.

The Justice Department recently created a new unit dedicated to sniffing out potential violators. On its surface, the statute has a politically neutral objective of informing the public of foreign influence. In practice, however, the law has become the go-to tool for partisan federal prosecutors. FARA prosecutions have tended to focus on Republicans even when Democrats commit the mirror image of the same violations.

One obvious recent example was the blatantly political selection of Paul Manafort as a FARA defendant, while politically connected Tony Podesta received an immunity deal for essentially the same behavior involving the same foreign clients.

Fusion GPS, which famously underwrote the Russia collusion hoax dossier, has piled up multiple FARA complaints (including unregistered work for Russia) that the Justice Department continues to ignore.

FARA is vague and subject to unbridled prosecutorial discretion. To demonstrate how vague, travel agents now register as “foreign agents” under the theory that marketing a tourist trip is a legally reportable act. It’s a perfect weapon to invoke secret surveillance pursuant to FISA and can be used against anyone with an international clientele. Nobody really knows what’s illegal until the Justice Department targets you.

A Potent Political Weapon in the Wrong Hands

Van Grack, who donated to Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, will also have enormous power in 2020 to decide whether candidate Joe Biden’s family should be investigated for foreign entanglements. For example, if Biden represented Ukraine natural gas company Burisma’s interests in demanding that the Ukrainian prosecutor be fired, Van Grack might be the person evaluating whether to charge that conduct.

FARA is a potent political weapon. Candidate Hillary Clinton hired Fusion GPS to gin up suspicions of a Trump-Russia association in order to create a hook for the Justice Department to launch a surveillance operation. The department predicated the application for the Carter Page FISA warrant upon supposed suspicions that he worked as an “agent” of a foreign power. Once the intelligence community had its surveillance in place, it repeatedly and illegally leaked the fruits (or supposed fruits) to undermine the insurgent candidate and later the new president.

Many of those illegal leaks appear to have come directly from the Mueller team during Van Grack’s tenure. It’s highly problematic that Barr would place Van Grack in charge of the kind of sensitive FARA-related information the Mueller team may have leaked during the investigation.

Indeed, Van Grack is a logical witness in potential investigations into those leaks. Guilt by association with foreigners remains such an irresistible weapon that Hillary Clinton recently (and improbably) accused Democratic presidential candidate and U.S. military veteran Tulsi Gabbard of being groomed by the Kremlin to run as a third-party spoiler in 2020.

But Van Grack’s participation in the abuse of the FARA law might not have begun with the Mueller team. Prior to working as the head of the FARA Unit and on Mueller’s team, Van Grack worked in the Justice Department’s national security division. There he worked with John Carlin, the architect of the Carter Page FISA warrant application. Carlin also signed one of the FISA court certifications that the court later found to be deceptive.

Conflicts of Interest

The Trump-hating press has already started cheerleading the prospect of Van Grack opening up a new front against Trump. A few days ago, The New Republic ran a story, “The Law that Could Take Down Rudy Giuliani,” referring to Van Grack’s new area of responsibility, the FARA law.

The New Republic is not alone. The corporate leftist legacy media, including the Washington Post, NPR, and Politico, have pushed Justice Department to use FARA to take down the president’s current attorney. Politico asks, “Is Rudy Giuliani Going To Jail?” The author is optimistic that Van Grack is well positioned to stick it to Giuliani. Another author drew up a mock indictment of Giuliani incorporating allegations related to the recent arrest of Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, two non-citizens the media have tied to the former New York City mayor.

Van Grack’s role as the Flynn prosecutor is totally incompatible with the role of prosecuting new FARA violations. Flynn’s attorney has accused Van Grack’s prosecution team of several acts of misconduct. I profiled a number of these violations here. Flynn’s legal defense team alleged multiple incidents of the government failing to disclose and/or preserve evidence. Remember the text messages between Lisa Page and her lover, former FBI counterintelligence chief Peter Strzok? There were actually two sets of cell phones, one issued by the FBI and a second the couple used while working for Mueller. When Mueller learned of the disturbing text messages sent between the first set of cell phones, he allowed the second set to be wiped of their data.

Flynn’s attorneys have alleged Van Grack committed misconduct in failing to ensure those cell phones were preserved and disclosed before Flynn’s plea. Questions about the political motivations of the Flynn prosecution persist. Flynn’s attorney also accused Van Grack’s team of attempting to coerce Flynn into lying, threatening to prosecute Flynn’s son, and hiding and even destroying evidence.

Thus, Van Grack brings all of that baggage into any new FARA prosecution which makes him less effective at catching real criminals posing real security threats to the United States. Indeed, Van Grack (who considers himself to be a “trial attorney”) has already lost two high profile cases in his new role.

Mueller’s entire investigation will be forever tainted by the blatant political corruption that infected it from the very beginning. Under Mueller, the spying and surveillance that began against candidate Trump continued against our sitting president (sometimes in coordination with Mueller and likely Van Grack).

In the Summer of 2017, Justice Department agents raided the offices of Trump’s private attorney, Michael Cohen, securing audio recordings that later leaked to the press. Justice officials obtained warrants for surveillance against Cohen. Mueller seized thousands of the Trump transition team’s emails without a warrant. Roger Stone complained that the Mueller’s team pressured him to lie in the headlong effort to get Trump at any cost.

Of the thousands of attorneys in the Department of Justice, one hopes it would be possible to find one to supervise the FARA unit who was not so closely associated with a project to use FARA as a pretext to meddle in and undermine the results of an American election. Van Grack should not be in a position to meddle in the 2020 election until he is cleared of any involvement in the FARA abuses and leaking of sensitive FARA-related information.

The Kimono Is Open: The Biden’s Real Story Unfolds

The elite globalists believe if you tell a lie enough people will eventually believe it. Sad to say the Biden’s legacy is riddled with lies, deceit, shamelessness and greed. They have stolen the people’s money and sold one of the highest held offices in our land to anyone who’d pay for access. We now know they’re not the only ones either. The truth is gushing out and there is no stopping this avalanche of what the American public will soon have to admit. We fell asleep at the wheel, bought into the lie and are at the crossroads of losing it all.

In some part it was done to you and for that the hair on the back of your neck should be standing up with an awakened passion for justice. It’s time to turn the table on those who would lie, rob and steal from the pockets of hard working Americans! This is our country, our government, our house and nobody is allowed to undo our Constitution!

If you love this country you will get involved locally and hold your nose while voting ‘red only’ in the 2020 elections. If you don’t know why you really need to get informed to figure it out! Democrats must be completely voted out and taught a lesson that we the people are still in charge and they work for us! We don’t want socialism, open borders, high taxes, we want to keep our private health coverage and medicare, but certainly not the subjugation the Democrats are offering you. If some Americans cannot see that, there is no hope for you. Just step aside. Yes, it’s that serious.

It’s time to bring in the snake to drain this swamp and the President cannot do it alone! Do you love America enough? We don’t have long to wait to find out. What will your legacy be when your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren judge your part in how you handled handing down this tremendous history of America, a 243 year experiment in true liberty! Will you toss it to the side and embrace the questionable future of your country, humanity, the world? Time is not on your side, my side or the worlds side. The tail spin is here. Will we be triumphant as a nation committed to the values handed down or will we succumb to the uncertainty knocking at our doors and throw this nation away? For me I will stand fighting and never fall to my knees in subjugation. Humanity is too important, and America is STILL the beacon of hope. ~ TiLT